When Should an Area Rug Be Cleaned in Costa Mesa, CA? Faded Look, Keeps Getting Dirty & More

Area rugs need and should be cleaned. However, over or under cleaning an area rug can also lead to the rug’s destruction. Area rugs require proper cleaning when the time comes. Knowing when an area rug needs to be cleaned is all part of area rug care. Steam Masters will share how to identify the signs of when you should have your area rug cleaned.

Area Rug has a Faded Look

When an area rug begins to loose its color or looks dull, this is a sign of dirt. Dirt can mask the area rug which makes a rug look dull or even a shade of gray. When the rug begins to gray or dull up it is time to have the rug cleaned. You can prolong an area rug from becoming gray or dull by vacuuming the rug at least weekly to remove the dust. When the area rug does become gray or dull it is time to have the area rug cleaned.

Rug Keeps Getting Dirty

When you attempt to vacuum and spot clean the stains in your area rug, yet it quickly becomes dirty again, this is a sign that it is time to clean the rug. A rug will become dirty very quickly and when set deep within the rug’s fibers, not only is there is a large amount of dirt in the rug, but there are also other contaminates as well. A rug can become severely compacted with dirt that can come to the surface causing the area rug to remain in a constant state of uncleanliness. When you notice your area rug gets dirty very quickly, it is time to have it deep cleaned.

Area Rug Losing Texture & Fluff

When an area rug loses its texture or seems flattened, this is another sign that your area rug is in need of a deep cleaning. Dirt and exposure to spills and foot traffic will cause the pile to flatten. When the pile or fiber’s of the area rug become flat or loses its fluff, the rug can be restored. When deep cleaning, all of the dirt will be removed. The pile will be cleaned and its texture restored. When you see your area rug looking flat or less fluffy than normal, have the area rug deep cleaned and its texture will return.

Area Rug Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

When an area rug develops signs that it needs to have a deep cleaning seek out professional area rug cleaning services. A professional area rug cleaning can deeply clean within the area rug. Professional cleaning uses powerful extraction cleaning equipment that effectively cleans area rugs. They can also help dry the rug to ensure the texture of the rug is restored. Not only will a professional effectively clean the area rug, in some cases it is essential. Certain rugs, such as Persian or Oriental rugs require delicate cleaning procedures. If not cleaned properly you can ruin your rug. For quality as well as proper area rug cleaning, seek professional area rug cleaning services. When you need your area rugs cleaned, carpet cleaning and more, contact Steam Masters today.