Carpet Stretching

Why replace your carpet with ripples, wrinkles and bulges when Orange County Steam Masters can repair it? Our specially trained carpet repair technicians have mastered the art of carpet stretching repairs. Read on to learn about some of the causes of carpet buckling and why you should call us to repair this problem before it gets worse!

Causes of Carpet Wrinkles, Ripples, Buckles & Bulges

Over time carpets naturally experience wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas but when carpets become unfastened they begin to wrinkle, bulge and buckle. When carpet is installed, it is laid down with carpet padding and tack strips down along the baseboards for a firm tight fit. Poor carpet installation is a major cause of carpet buckling that usually begins at the edges of a room. If not addressed, these ripples will spread in number and size causing not only an unattractive appearance but prematurely damaging your carpet and becoming a dangerous trip and fall hazard. Other causes of carpet bulges and wrinkles include dragging heavy furniture across the carpet, the carpet being damp for long periods and simply being a high traffic area. Once your carpet begins to ripple, wrinkle or buckle, it will only keep getting worse. Because carpet is intended to lay flat at all times; even a small ripple puts more wear and tear on the carpet and causes it to move when you step on or vacuum over it. This leads to premature carpet wear and the need for replacement sooner.

Carpet Stretching & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

If your carpet has ripples, buckles, wrinkles or bulges, call a carpet stretching professional like Orange County Steam Masters as soon as possible. Can not only stretch carpets but also offer carpet re-seaming and invisible patching as well. And if your carpet suffers from a flood or other water damage, call us to extract the water as well as dry, clean and deodorize the carpet to not only prevent carpet ripples but also help prevent mold. Contact us to discuss your next cleaning or restoration project today!