Marble, Travertine & Natural Stone Cleaning, Sealing & Restoration

Natural stone floors and other surfaces in your home or business provide a very elegant and luxurious touch that adds value to your property. It is also a well-known fact that marble, travertine and other natural stone can also be expensive to install which is why it makes smart sense to care for it.

Steam Masters understands the importance of having a licensed cleaning professional handle all of your commercial and residential natural stone cleaning, polishing, sealing and restoration projects. This is why we make sure we do the job right the first time.

Marble, Travertine & Other Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing

It is highly recommended to have all of your natural stone flooring and other surfaces retouched twice a year to keep them looking the same way they did when they were first installed. Sweeping and mopping isn’t enough to keep your natural stone surfaces looking like new.

Steam Masters has the industrial grade equipment to thoroughly clean your tile. And after we have removed all of the dirt, grime and other contaminants, we offer a sealing service. Sealing the natural stone protects the surface by repelling future water spills, dust and pollutants. Even with regular professional cleanings, unfortunately over time; marble, travertine and other natural stone surfaces start to lose their luster and shine. They start to appear dull, faded and tired. This is exactly when our natural stone restoration services come into play. Steam Masters is proud to deliver the highest quality stone maintenance and care.

Natural Stone Tile & Grout Restoration

Natural stone tile restoration is a cost effective solution to keep your aged surfaces looking their very best. After our natural stone restoration service is complete; your marble, travertine or other stone flooring, showers or countertops etc will shine on display. Steam Masters has the required knowledge and experience to treat your house or company building with the detail and care it deserves. Contact us to schedule your cleaning and restoration appointment today!