Signs Your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning in Canyon Lake, CA; Won’t Dry Clothes, Lint Coming Out, Burning Smell & More

Most people know that their dryer will accumulate lint as it dries your clothing. This is why most people will empty the lint trap after every single load of laundry that comes through their dryer. What many people forget is that there is a long vent that leads to the outside of your home that needs to be kept clean as well. If this isn’t cleaned when needed you could be facing a very dangerous situation. Orange County Steam Masters is here to share some warning signs that indicate you are past due on your dryer vent cleaning.

Dryer Won’t Dry Clothes

Most clothes should be dry after running a 40 minute drying cycle on high. If you find that no matter what, your clothes aren’t drying in the allotted time, you could have a clogged dryer vent. When the dryer vent is clogged, the moisture from the wet clothes isn’t able to vent out and it will literally take twice as long to get your clothes dry.

Side of Dryer is Very Hot

While it may seem like your dryer should be hot when you are drying clothes, that isn’t exactly true. You shouldn’t feel a hot dryer when it is done drying. The inside may still feel warm, but the outside of the dryer should be cool to the touch. Not only should the dryer be cool to the touch, but the clothes shouldn’t be too hot either. The clothes should feel a little warm, but not burning hot. If that isn’t the case, you probably need to clean your dryer vent.

Dryer Smells Like Burning

Whenever you smell something that is burning, it is alarming to say the least. If this is the case when you turn on your dryer, it is important that you stop drying your clothes right away. This isn’t safe. When your dryer vent hasn’t been cleaned and is clogged, it can be a huge fire hazard. The lint found inside the dryer vent is highly flammable. If you ever smell something even remotely resembling something burning, stop using the dryer and call a professional.

Lint Coming Out of Outside Dryer Vent

When you check the vent on the outside of your home, it should be free and clear of debris. When you lift up the flap and see lint in there, you definitely have gone too long without getting the dryer vent professionally cleaned. There should be no lint visible when you look out there.

Dryer Vent Cleaning & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

If you can’t remember the last time you had your dryer vent professionally cleaned, if ever, it is definitely time to call on the professionals at Orange County Steam Masters to get the job done. We will ensure your vent is free from any debris that puts your home at risk of a house fire. Not only that, but you will find that your dryer works more effectively and uses less energy to get the job done. Call us today!