Health Hazards of Pet Urine on Carpet in Barstow, CA; Mold & Bacteria Growth, Ammonia Smell, Rotting Subfloor & More

Millions of people throughout the world have one or more pet in their home that they cherish as a beloved member of their family. Many people include their pets in their family pictures and holiday cards. Emotional support dogs are becoming an increasingly popular way to combat depression and anxiety. Dogs are exercise companions for people every day. Along with all of the benefits of pets, there are some disadvantages as well. Pets are known for ruining items in your home if they gnaw, chew, scratch, and more on items that they are not supposed to be getting to. They can also have potty accidents in the house that can a cause a variety of issues. Today Steam Masters is going to talk about some of the dangers of pet urine in your household.

Pet Urine on Carpet Smells Like Ammonia

One of the largest concerns that people have with indoor pets is smell from the urine. When urine gets in your carpet there is a strong smell of ammonia that may linger in your home. If you have ever walked into a home that smells like pet urine you know the smell that we are talking about. Many people mistakenly think the smell is the only issue with the ammonia left by pet urine but this is not true. The ammonia can cause issues for those that have COPD, asthma, emphysema, and allergies.

Can Dog & Cat Urine Stains Causes Mold & Bacteria to Grow?

Next up is the mold that can potentially grow when you have pet urine in your home. If you do not clean up pet urine the moisture will seep into your carpet and padding. The moisture and the components of the urine can cause of variety of mold to grow underneath your carpet. Hundreds of studies have reported how terrible mold can be in your home. Mold can cause respiratory issues if there is repeated exposure. In addition to mold, other bacteria and microorganisms can grow on your carpet when there is pet urine remaining on your carpet. This growth can cause sinusitis, watery eyes, allergies, and inflammation of your airways. If you have anyone in your home that has a weakened immune system this bacteria and microorganisms can cause significant health problems for them.

Subfloor Rotting from Pet Urine

Over time the moisture from the urine can soak through your carpet and padding and into the subflooring of your home. If this happens repeatedly your subfloor can become extremely saturated and eventually rot. When your subfloor rots you will need to replace your subfloor. The cost of having to replace your subfloor, padding, and carpet adds up quickly.

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If you want to avoid all the things mentioned above it is imperative for you to keep your carpets free from pet urine. Clearly the best way to keep your carpet urine free is potty train your pets. Potty training your pet can be an arduous process but it will definitely be worth it. The other thing you will want to do is make sure that you clean up any pet urine you find immediately. On top of both of those things you will want to have Steam Masters come out and professionally clean your carpet every few months.