How to Remove Old Stains from Carpet in Jurupa Valley, CA & How Not to Clean Carpets!

Many homeowners are protective over their carpets. They implement no shoes on the carpets, vacuuming is frequent, and if a spill occurs, they do everything they can to remove the stain. However, there are too many mistakes people do that can permanently ruin or make the issue worse for their carpets. Today, we at Orange County Steam Masters would like to share the biggest no nos of treating carpet spots and messes in an effort to help you avid them before extra harm is caused.

1) Don’t Use Too Much or Too Hot Water when Treating Carpet Stains

Over saturation can cause damage to the sub-floor and carpets, as well as potentially contribute to mold and mildew growth. Additionally, hot water can cause stains to set in. Much like washing a shirt in hot water, causing the stain to become permanent, the same effect can happen on the carpets. Lukewarm or cool water is all that should be used to treat spills on the carpets.

2) Patch Test when Cleaning Carpet

More often than not, people skip the patch test. Whether they become too familiar with a product or presume a homemade mixture is safe, the cleaner is used where it compromises the carpet’s color or integrity. In any case, no matter if it is your first time or 100th time, always perform your patch test in an inconspicuous are to ensure there are no problems with cleaner.

3) Don’t Use Dyed or Printed Cloths to Clean Carpet Stains

Paper towels, rags, cloths, and towels are frequently used during the process of cleaning up a mess on the carpets. If these items are not white, the dye or print can be inadvertently transferred onto the carpets during the process. Make sure to stick with plain white carpet cleaning tools to avoid making the spots and stains worse.

4) Don’t Scrub Carpet Stains

People commonly attack the spots and stains out of frustration usually. They will scrub and rub with vigor, only causing the substance to spread out and get pushed down. To properly treat a mess on the carpets, blot, using pressure and patting motions, blot the exterior of the spot first and work towards the center for better containment.

5) Rinse & Let Carpet Dry After Removing Stains

Many people will walk away when they are satisfied with the results. The cleaning substances left on the surface, if not properly blotted away, can attract dust and debris, causing the area to look brown in a few days. After you treated the area, follow up with a clean, water-damp cloth and blot away the cleaner. Use a dry towel afterwards to pull up the residual moisture to avoid water damage. If necessary, place a towel on the top and weight it down over night to lift the moisture.

6) Clean Carpet Spills Right Away

With busy life schedules, many people will leave the spill on the carpets and treat it when they have an opportunity. Not treating spills and accidents can cause the stains to be more challenging to remove as well as potentially causing odors to develop. Immediately treat spills and accidents for more effective results.

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