How to Dry, Clean, Deodorize & Restore Carpet After a Water Heater Flood in Costa Mesa, CA

Accidents of all different types and varieties happen every second of every day. Car accidents, medical issues, slips and falls, and more all occur throughout the United States on a daily basis. There are some things that come up that we know how to handle. Other accidents that happen can be overwhelming to deal with because we simply do not know what to do. Today Orange County Steam Masters wants to talk about one type of accident that we frequently deal with; water heater floods. Thousands of water heaters flood homes every day. The damage that is caused in these floods adds up to millions of dollars. Knowing where to begin if you have a water heater flood at your home is something that not everyone knows how to handle. What should you do first?

Stop Cause of Flood to Prevent Further Damage

The very first thing that you should do is turn your water off. When your water is turned off the flooding cannot continue. You will want to know ahead of time where your water shut off valve is so that you do not have to try and find it when you feeling panicked because your house is flooding. Once your water is turned off you will want to try and find what was causing the flooding. Orange County Steam Masters recommends that you check your water heater first. Water heaters cause more floods than any other type of home flood. After you have determined what is flooding you can address the issue.

Water Extraction, Carpet Drying, Cleaning & More

Next you will want to call Orange County Steam Masters. We can come out and help you take care of the flooding in your home. We can help you extract the water, clean up the damage, and restore your home back to its proper order. As you are waiting for us to arrive you can start moving any items that are in the standing flood water. We will get to your house as soon as possible but the longer that your items sit in the water the worse the damage will be. Many people have valuable items that can be saved if they get out of the flood water quickly enough. Walk through your home and move what you can. Whatever you cannot get to or are unable to move Orange County Steam Masters can help you with when we arrive at your home.

Carpet Water Damage Restoration & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

After we arrive at your house we will start with getting the water cleaned up. We will take the proper amount of time to extract all of the water out of your home. Water seeps into carpet, flooring, walls, and more. Some of these items will not be recoverable but others you will be able to clean and keep. Once the water is cleaned up we will be able to clean up your floors and upholstery in your house that were affected by the flood. Orange County Steam Masters is happy to take the stress off of you after a water heater flood. Contact us for all your floor cleaning needs.