How to Keep Carpets Clean, Stain & Odor Free with a Dog or Cat in Your Moreno Valley, CA House

Most people have a plan to keep their house clean. You know you need to scrub the bathroom, run some laundry and more. The work that has to be done can seem daunting but we do it to keep a house clean. The other thing that many homes have to bring some joy are kids and pets. These seem very counter productive when trying to keep a clean house because they are not the best at cleaning up after themselves. They are still a welcome part of families and homes. When it comes to pets no matter how long you have them they are never going to be better at cleaning up. One area of the house that seems to take a lot of abuse by our beloved pets is the carpet. You need to have a plan on how to keep your carpets clean when you have pets in the house. Orange County Steam Masters outlines what you can do to keep your carpets clean when you have pets.

Pet Stain Carpet Cleaning Kit

One of the problems that come with a pet of almost any kind whether it is a cat, dog, bunny or bird there will be accidents. Many of them over time will learn where they are supposed to use the bathroom but until then you want to have a plan to clean up after them. Once they are well trained they still can end up with an accident on your carpets. The best thing you can do is to have a plan on how to clean the up. Whether you are dealing with urine or feces the stain as well as the odor has to be treated. You need to use a cleaning solution that will remove the color of the stain but also neutralize that odor that is so often left behind as well. This can be baking soda which most homes have in the house anyway. The kit should be handy and everyone in the house should have some training on the technique that should be used.

Trim Dog or Cat Claws

One of the problems that you might come across when you have a pet is that their nails can cause some damage. The nail on your dog or cat can grow out if they are not given the right amount of exercise or are not groomed properly. The nails will start to catch on the fibers of the carpet that usually end in a loop. This can make the carpet look frayed and damaged. If you want to protect your carpet it is best to ensure that your pet has their nails kept at a proper level.

Vacuum Carpets

You want to make sure that if you have a pet that you have a plan to keep the the fur and hair off the carpet. The best thing you can do is to have a good vacuum that you can use and make sure that it is being used on a regular basis. The vacuum should be emptied out and the filters cleaned regularly to ensure that the hair or fur is not circulating back in the air.

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