How to Clean & Remove Red Color Popsicle Stains from Carpet in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Enjoying a tasty cool treat is relatively common for children and adults alike on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, popsicles drip as they melt and are slobbered on and inevitably, these are unsightly and even cringe worthy blemishes can happen. When they do, the biggest trick to remove them from the carpet is to act immediately. We at Orange County Steam Masters would like to share a few methods on removing popsicle spots from carpets.

Important Note: For assurance the cleaning remedy will not compromise the integrity of the carpet’s color or health of the carpet, whether you make your own carpet stain remover or use a store bought cleaner, it is vital to perform a patch test in an area that is inconspicuous. Be sure to only use white paper towels, rags, cloths, and/or towels to avoid the risk of transferring the print or dye to the carpets s you treat the popsicle stains.

Oxi Clean Carpet Cleaner

The carpets can potentially lighten if you use Oxi-clean with bleach, so avoid it, and do not forget the patch test. You may need to scale the quantities according to the size of your squirt bottle, but ensure the ratio is 16 oz water to ½ cup Oxi-clean that is mixed well together. Lightly dampen the area with the solution and allow the mixture to soak into the stain for about 15 minutes. Use a clean, water-damp cloth to begin blotting the stain. As the popsicle transfers on the cloth, be sure to periodically rinse the cloth out or use a new one. After the stain is gone, use a dry towel with forceful pressure to absorb as much as possible. After the area has fully dried, be sure to touch it up with the vacuum.

Remove Popsicle Stains on Carpet with Hydrogen Peroxide

Collect a squirt bottles, you will need equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water as well as a towel, paper towels, and cloths. The carpets are not usually impacted by this heavily diluted solution but use caution as hydrogen peroxide can naturally lighten color, so be sure to perform the patch test.
1) Combine the equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide in your squirt bottle. Note there will be fuzz so be sure to leave some room in the bottle for the fizzing.
2) Do not over saturate the area but mist the popsicle stain with the mixture. The minor stains should allow the mixture soak in for approximately 15 minutes, for heavy, concentrated stains leave the solution on for no more than 30 minutes.
3) The stain will be visible lighter as you lightly mist the stain with plain water to slightly moisten the area and blot with a clean, water-damp cloth after the time.
4) Continue to use a white cloth to blot the excess moisture out along with the popsicle residues. Be sure to rinse it out in the sink or get another cloth if the cloth is over enveloped with popsicle.
5) Apply heavy pressure with your towel to blot to remove the moisture to accelerate the drying process. Once the area has completely dried, vacuum the area to return the fibers back to their natural texture.

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