How to Detect Mold in Carpet in San Clemente, CA; Wet Carpet, Mildew Smell, Sickness & More

There are lots of options when it comes to flooring that you can have in your house. One of the types of flooring that many people choose to have in their home is carpeting. This is a great way to bring in some comfort and you can also choose from many colors and styles. The carpet is something you want to make sure you know how to care for and treat if there is a stain or spot. You want to make sure you have the specific technique that is used for the type of spill you are treating. You will need to use a different method to remove gum from carpet than you use when treating mud on the carpet. You want to make sure you recognize issues that might arise with your carpet as well. One of the areas you may notice is mold on your carpet. It can be hard to recognize and you may not know what you can do to treat it. Orange County Steam Masters outlines how to tell if your carpet has mold.

Wet Carpet

One of the problems that starts the presence of mold happens to be water or moisture. Water and moisture are the first thing that is needed for mold to be able to grow. The moisture also has to be able to stay without drying for some time. The longer you allow moisture to exist in your carpets the more mold will be able to grow. One of the ways that people end up with moist carpets is when they try to clean them with a home cleaner. They are not able to remove the water that is used and then it is left to sit on the carpet. You want to make sure you use a professional to clean your carpets to avoid over saturating them. If you are stuck with any other water damage you need to be sure that the carpets are treated and cared for properly so that moisture is not left behind.

Mildew Smell in Carpet

If you know your carpets have had some level of moisture or have gotten wet you want to start to watch out for signs of mold. One of the signs your carpets have mold is the presence of smell. The odor that is most likely to exist is a musty smell. The musty smell can feel like it is reaching to every area of the house. The odors that you will notice are only able to be treated when you have your carpets cleaned and treated. If you start to notice a musty smell you want to call out a professional carpet cleaner right away.

Symptoms of Mold Sickness

You may not realize it but the carpets could be causing your family to feel sick. If the carpets have mold on or under them it can lead to breathing trouble, allergy flare ups and trouble with your asthma. You want to make sure that you have your carpets checked if you notice any excess in your health concerns.

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