Unexplained Stains on Carpets in Brea, CA? Removing Recurring Carpet Wicking & Soiling Marks

There are lots of stains that can appear on your carpets. These stains are something you want to make sure you address as soon as possible. They can be a stain from a plate of food your guest dropped to your spilled cup of coffee in the morning. There are lots of stains that can happen even to people that are quite careful with their carpets. The best thing you can do is to understand the stains and know the best tips on removing them. It also is a good idea to have your carpets cleaned professionally to avoid any damage and long term staining. One of the problems you may notice is that there are stains that seem like they are coming back magically. These are called reccurring stains and there are two different reasons that this might be happening to your carpets. Orange County Steam Masters explains how to treat carpet soiling and wicking.

What is the Meaning of Heavy Soiling on Carpet?

One of the most stressful things that can happen is when you clean your carpets from a stain is when it comes back. You want to make sure that the stain that you clean stays away and if it does come back there is usually a reason. One of the problems that cause this is called soiling. Soiling happens when you clean a stain that is on the carpet and the technique that you use could leave a residue. The residue may not be seen by the naked eye but it is there. It can be sticky and the residue can be what is attracting dirt and debris to the area. The stain may seem like it is coming back but it is the residue that is causing new dirt to create the same stain. The best way to clean a soiling stain is to make sure that you clean the carpet professionally. They can come out and clean the spot so that the left over residue and the new staining is gone.

What is Carpet Wicking

If you have a stain that seems to be coming back after you have taken the time to clean it that can be frustrating. The other reason that the stain may be coming back is from a term called wicking. When there is a stain that has been cleaned but has been soaked into backing and the padding it can be under the surface still. The surface can be cleaned but then the soaking along the backing and padding can pull up to the top. The new stain is actually the old stain that is coming back up to the top. You want to make sure that any stains are treated professionally.

Removing Recurring Stains

The stains that are on your carpet are best dealt with by a professional. The stains should be treated carefully and with the right method to ensure they are gone. This will help to treat the stains but also the rest of the carpets to make sure that they are clean and cared for.

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