Why Clean Your Mattress & Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Steam Cleaning in Mission Viejo, CA

Have you ever had your mattress cleaned by a professional? Most people will do their own mattress cleaning. As it is good to maintain a clean mattress, there are many benefits of a professional mattress cleaning that you are missing out on. Most people can’t clean mattresses like a professional mainly because they don’t have access to the same tools, cleaners and equipment of a professional service. Orange County Steam Masters will share the many benefits of a professional mattress cleaning.

Contaminants & Material Trapped Inside Your Mattress

Mattresses should be kept cleaned as we spend a lot of time in our beds. On average we sleep eight hours a day for proper sleep. The human will sweat during hot nights and is constantly shedding hair and skin particles that is then left in your bed. Occasionally, little ones may wet the bed, or you may have invited a puppy to sleep with you and it had an accident. Mattresses are exposed to urine, vomit and even feces along with other fluid sources our bodies provide. Most homeowners will wash their bedding and do a basic vacuuming of the mattress. They may apply cleaning solvents. However, it doesn’t quite do the same job as a professional mattress cleaning.

Vaccuuming Mattress

A professional uses powerful equipment to clean mattresses. Additionally, having a license they also have access to strong cleaners that you can’t get in local stores. When hiring a professional to come and clean your mattresses, they will use an industrial grade vacuum cleaner that can reach far deeper into the mattress than other vacuum cleaners. They will vacuum both top and bottom and all four sides of the mattress. This ensures the mattress is clean and is also free your close companion’s dust mites. Dust mites are found thriving in mattresses as they feed on dead skin cells. As you will never rid your home or mattress of dust mites, you can reduce their numbers with deep mattress cleaning.

Mattress Steam Cleaning Machine

After the mattress is thoroughly vacuumed, the mattresses are cleaned. There are many methods of mattresses cleaning. The most common is with a steam cleaning machine. A cleaner is applied, and the steam technician works the cleaner into the mattress. Afterward the chemicals are sucked out. The steam helps kill dust mites and bacteria that may be in the mattresses. During mattress cleaning, the mattresses are thoroughly cleaned again as all sides are addressed. Once cleaned, the odors in the mattresses are removed as well. The bacteria in the mattress is what creates odor. When the bacteria are killed, you remove the odors that go with it.

Mattress Upholstery Cleaning Services & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

A clean mattress has helped many people get a better night’s sleep. You will never get your mattresses cleaner than with a professional mattresses cleaning. Mattresses should be cleaned by the homeowners every three months and by a professional every 3 to 5 years. We spend so much time on our mattresses it comes as no surprise they need to be cleaned every so often. If you need your mattresses cleaned, and it is time for a professional cleaning, contact Orange County Steam Masters. We provide mattress cleaning services and much more. Contact Orange County Steam Masters today!