Why Should You Deep Clean Your Mattress in Coachella, CA? Remove Dust Mites, Odors, Sweat Stains & More

Many homeowners work tirelessly to keep their homes clean. When cleaning their home, a homeowner will clean the home from top to bottom. However, often one elements of the home that is often forgotten is the mattresses. Most homeowners will think of washing the bedding once a week and then think their bed is fine, but that is not the case. Mattresses require monthly maintenance cleaning and a professional deep cleaning every few years. Steam Masters would like to share why mattresses need to be deep cleaned.

Vacuum Dust Mites from Mattress

Mattresses require basic monthly cleaning to keep the mattresses clean. During a maintenance cleaning the first step is to vacuum the mattress on all sides. Why? On average, the surface of most household mattresses is covered in microscopic dead skin cells, hair, and dirt. Even by washing your bedding weekly, dead skin cells, hair, and dirt still makes its way onto the surface of the mattress. As the dead skin cells and dirt sets on the mattress for long periods of time, eventually the debris will seep deeper and deeper into the mattress. Not only will there be a ton of dead skin cells and dirt, but now you will have a swarm of dust mites happily feeding on the dead skin cells as well as the hair. By preforming monthly vacuuming of the mattress surface you can reduce the amount of dirt, dead skin, and hair and in your mattress.

Deodorize Mattress to Remove Odors

Another major component to monthly mattress cleaning is deodorizing. Mattresses will begin to smell over time. Odors are the result of bacteria in the mattress. Bacteria can come from sweat, urine, and spills from drinks or food. As the bacteria breeds inside the mattress fibers, it will emit odors causing the mattress to stink. You can deodorize the mattress by sprinkling the surface with baking soda. The baking soda will help absorb and control certain types of bacteria. However, to completely kill bacteria in the mattress, it will require a deep cleaning, and often with a steamer. When sprinkling baking soda over the mattress make sure to vacuum it thoroughly.

Remove Sweat, Blood & Other Stains from Mattress

After vacuuming and deodorizing the mattress, you can clean stains if needed. You can use a basic homemade mixture of liquid dish soap and water. For urine stains, consider using a strong cleaner such as a commercial product or vinegar to kill the bacteria in the urine.

Mattress, Upholstery Cleaning & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

With basic monthly cleanings and rotations of the mattress, your mattress will last longer. However, over time, a deep professional cleaning is needed. A professional mattress cleaning can clean the mattress a bit more effectively than any DIY mattress cleaning. A professional service uses a high grade industrial cleaning machine that can suck out and penetrate deep into the mattress. Not only can professional equipment remove more dirt and dead skin that is in the mattress, it can also kill the bacteria. Bacteria and mold can develop deep inside the mattress. Both mold and bacteria can cause an unhealthy sleeping environment, causing indoor allergies and even skin conditions. For a healthier night’s sleep and a cleaner mattress, seek out Steam Masters. We provide deep steam mattress cleaning and much more.