Why Does Water Stain Carpet? How to Clean & Remove Old Carpet Stains in Riverside, CA

When it comes to the best way to keep your carpets looking optimal most people know they have to vacuum on a regular basis and clean stains as they occur. There is a long list of stains that can be difficult to get out of your carpet like Kool Aid, soda, grass and gum. They each might require several types of techniques and methods to remove them from your carpet. The majority of the time the stain or spill that happens on the carpets needs your attention right away. The faster that you work on the spill the better your odds are of getting it out of the carpet. There are some stains you may think are no big deal and you can get to them later. Things such as water spills or solid food. The solid food can have some moisture that if left to sit will soak into the fibers and cause a stain so you want to act fast. Water seems to be an unlikely substance to cause a stain but it can and will. Orange County Steam Masters outlines what you need to do if you have spilled water on your carpet.

How Does Water Stain Carpet?

Of all the substances you might have spilled on the carpet the one that seems like it should not be a problem is water. Some people think water that has spilled on the carpet can be left and let to dry out on its own. The water that has been spilled can’t possibly leave a stain but that is not true. The water that has been spilled has substances other than water in it. All the tap water that you are drinking and using to clean and cook contain elements of sediment. The actual water that has been spilled will likely dry out but the sediment will be left behind. This is what will cause the staining to appear. Any of the imperfections in the water stay on the carpet and create an outline of where the water landed. This can be white or light colored all the way to darker colors depending on the makeup of the water that was spilled. You want to make sure you treat a water stain to ensure your carpet is clean.

Vacuum Spilled Water on Carpet

You want to start with the vacuum if you notice water was spilled and you let it dry. The sediment that has been left behind many times is on the upper surface of the carpet fibers. The best way to start cleaning the mess up is to use the vacuum to remove as much of the loose sediment that you can. The vacuum will pull away any particles that it can and allow you to clean the rest.

Dish Soap Stain Remover

Now that the excess has been removed you want to use a clean cloth that you dip in a mixture of dish soap and water. You can dab at the remaining areas to remove any leftover sediment and staining that might be on the carpet. You want to be sure you are careful with the amount of cleaner that you use so that the spot is not soaked again.

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