What Causes Wall to Wall Carpet to Ripple & How to Fix Wrinkled Carpets in Placentia, CA

Carpets are meant to lay down flat and smooth. When carpet develops ripples, wrinkles, or buckles, the carpet needs to be fixed. Ripples look terrible and they can even become a tripping hazard. When the carpet has minor or severe rippling they can be repaired with carpet re-stretching. Steam Masters will cover some of the reasons why carpet will develop ripples, wrinkles and buckles, and how these problems can be prevented and repaired.

Why is My Carpet Rippling?

Carpet ripples are small waves in the carpet that can develop over time. Ripples in the carpet are often due to improper installation. Sometimes the installer will not use a power-stretcher to make sure the carpet is tight before it is secured down. Some installers will use a knee-kicker tool to speed up installation. However, as the carpet relaxes, ripples will appear. To ensure the carpet is installed properly, a power-stretcher should always be used, especially in highly humid climates. Occasionally ripples will develop on carpets after cleaning. If the carpets were over-soaked during a carpet cleaning the moisture can absorb into the carpet adhesive layer. The adhesive layer, if compromised, always causes the carpet to stretch out and ripples will occur. Even though the adhesive layer has been compromised, ripples can still be repaired.

What Causes Wall to Wall Carpet to Wrinkle?

Carpet wrinkles is when there is a crease in the carpet when installed. A crease or wrinkle is another problem that occurs during installation. When carpets are stored, sometimes the edges will fold over and a wrinkle or crease will form. Installers may try to conserve what they can and try to stretch out the carpet enough to remove the wrinkle. Unfortunately, this tactic never works. The wrinkle should have been cut off to ensure the carpet lays flat. If you ran into this problem you may want to see if the installer will come back and replace the wrinkled carpet. If not, this problem can be repaired. The carpet will need to steamed and groomed and then stretched and secured.

Is it Normal for Carpet to Buckle?

A buckle is a large ripple that forms peaks in the carpet. Buckles can be due to improper installation. However, in many cases buckles happen when heavy furniture is dragged over the carpet. When homeowners drag couches and other heavier items across the carpet, it can pull at the carpet’s edge or even stretch out the carpet, causing the carpet to buckle. Sometimes the carpet can de-attach from the edge completely. You should never drag heavy items along the carpet. Always have help picking up and moving items across the carpet. You will prevent buckles in the carpet and avoid the need to repair the carpet. However, if buckles do appear, they can be repaired with carpet stretching.

Carpet Stretching, Repair & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

When ripples, wrinkles, or buckles occur on your carpet and it needs to be repaired, you need carpet stretching. Carpet stretching uses a tool that helps to pull the carpet tight and then it is secured back in place. If needed, excess carpet is cut off to ensure the carpet looks properly installed. Carpet ripples are a common problem, luckily they can be repaired. For carpet stretching repair or more, contact Steam Masters today.