Cleaning Up Carpet Spills & Stains from Office & Other Commercial Carpets in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Especially children’s accidental spills on the carpets, managing your office’s carpets can be difficult between staff and customer. The appearance of a professional, well-kept office can be marred by spots and stains. Often reflecting a poor impression on any business, a stain that is on display in the middle of the floor can be very distracting. In many situations, cleaning up after these kinds of spills is easier said than done. You may not even know these accidents occurred until it has set into a stain under some circumstances. To touch on maintaining the spills on commercial carpets is what we at Steam Masters to cover today.

What Causes Commercial Carpet Stains

1) Eating at Your Desk & in the Lobby. One of the biggest culprits to the effects of the messes, employees and guests eating in the office. To encourage productivity, many companies, for example, will reward or simply take care of their staff by offering an assortment of catered lunched or offering a stockpile of breakfast options. In addition to allowing customers waiting for service to eat or drink their refreshments or the snacks they bring themselves, others will let staff members eat at their desks. It can lead to stains, no matter how or why, employees and clients eating, and drinking increases the risk of spills.
2) Messy Clients Cause Carpet Stains. While they wait, customers can be offered snacks and refreshments, as mentioned. After themselves or even report a spill, most clients have little care for your office space and will rarely cleanup, however. Leaving behind stains and spots in their wake, the people that bring in children, especially toddler age frequently have juice boxes, fruit snacks, crackers, markers, and other snacks, drinks, and forms of entertainment that can be messy.
3) No Accidents Reported = Unexplained Carpet Stains. On commercial carpets, one of the biggest problems is that few report spilling substances. Some are afraid of the repercussions, are embarrassed, and then there are those who simply do not care. It gives the carpet the opportunity to absorb the substance where it then can become a potential stain when the spills go unreported. If it isn’t treated quickly, dark liquids, coffees, wine, salad dressings, oils, and other foods can be a challenge to remove.

How Do I Stop My Commercial Carpet from Getting Dirty?

Consider the follow approach to avoid carpet stains and spots in your commercial space to better manage the carpet spills:
1) Promote Staff Incentives for Clean Carpets. To help you get the spots treated quickly and combat potential stains more effectively, presenting strong incentives or rewards for reporting carpet spills. It can make a difference by getting the employees involved. For the department who have the cleanest carpet at the end of each quarter, offer a free lunch or gift cards.
2) Less Trash Cans = Less Carpet Spills. The waste and spills are significantly reduced, research suggests that when fewer trash cans are used. Instead of trash cans, this cuts down eating at the desk time when the recycle bins are at every desk. To help keep eating in the located area, have the trash cans in the common area.
3) Routine Professional Carpet Cleaning. They will still occur, where you can find ways to reduce the spills. You can keep your carpets looking immaculate through professional carpet cleaning 3-4 times a year.

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