What Causes Bald Patches in Carpets in San Bernardino, CA? Carpet Cleaning & Patch Repair to Fix Carpet Balding

Do you have carpet that is developing bald spots? Carpet can eventually develop bald spots where the pile will thin and even disappear altogether. Carpet can bald for a number of different reasons. Most often it is due to furniture or pets. Many homeowners feel that when bald spots occur, they will simply have to live with it or seek carpet replacement. However, bald spots can be repaired. Orange County Steam Masters will share signs, causes of carpet balding, and how it can be repaired.

Uneven Carpet & Other Signs of Carpet Balding

One of the common signs of carpet balding is uneven carpet. Carpet that looks matted down or thinner is undergoing balding. Balding occurs when the fiber from the carpet pile breaks off and is sucked away by the vacuum cleaner. Some balding happens in only one spot or patch on the carpet. When one spot or patch is missing a lot of carpet fibers, this is usually due to pets chewing on the carpet, pests such as carpet beetles, or furniture. Some other signs that carpet is balding is that the carpet will feel stiffer and rougher.

What Causes Bald Patches in Carpet?

When a big section of the carpet appears uneven, typically in high traffic areas, the balding is due to constant foot traffic. High traffic areas are prone to balding. There is little that can be done to stop high traffic balding besides using rugs and placing them over the high traffic zones. Carpet beetles and moths can also eat away at the carpet, causing patches of bald spots on the carpet. Carpet beetles are fairly tiny but can be seen with the naked eye with a closer inspection. Pests will eat away at carpet that may be damp due to a leak or in constant darkness. At times, spills may occur on the carpet, and even with your best attempts to clean the stain, some of the staining substance is left in the carpet. Pets, and mostly dogs, may smell the stain and want to lick it up. They will even begin chewing holes in the carpet. At times, our pets can cause bald spots or holes in the carpet. Furniture feet that is not placed on pads can also dig into the carpet causing thinning and holes to occur. To prevent furniture from causing bald spots, never drag the furniture across the carpet and make sure to use furniture pads.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal, Repair Carpets & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

There is little that can be done to repair high traffic balding. You can deep clean the carpet to remove the dirt that is wearing down and breaking the fiber of the carpet. Bald spots, however, can be repaired. A professional carpet repair service can remove the bald spots in the carpet and perform a patch repair. The bald spot is cut out and a new piece of carpet is put in its place. Professionals can excellently repair patches with no obvious patch work that doesn’t match the rest of the carpet. For carpet repair, cleaning and much more, contact Orange County Steam Masters and schedule our services today.