What Causes a Carpet to Ripple & How to Fix Wrinkled Carpets with Stretching & Repair Services in Irvine, CA

Carpets can develop a number of different problems and damages, Most homeowners will focus only on carpet cleaning. However, there is much more to carpet care. Carpet can develop ripples or buckling which makes maintaining the carpet and keeping it clean even harder. Carpet ripples can be repaired with carpet stretching. Steam Masters will share why carpet will develop ripples, wrinkles and may buckle and how they are repaired.

Carpet Ripples from Humidity

When the carpet is exposed to humidity for long periods of time, the carpet will swell and stretch out. As the carpet dries after swelling, it will leave behind ripples or small waves in the carpet. Ripples will aid in dirt and hair getting trapped and building up on the carpet and making vacuuming much more difficult. To prevent ripples you will need to maintain the humidity levels inside the home. If you have had recent summer rain, or you live in a high humid climate, you may want to consider using a dehumidifier to remove humidity in the air. When ripples do appear, seek out carpet stretching repair to help you flatten out your carpet after swelling.

Dragging Heavy Furniture Causes Carpet to Buckle

Another major cause for carpet to develop waves, ripples, or even buckling is when the homeowner drags heavy furniture across the carpet. Many homeowners will be vacuuming up their carpet and decide that it is time to vacuum underneath their furniture. With no one else at home, you may just push your furniture out of the way. This is a common scenario and many people do it. However, it is also a major mistake. Pushing or dragging heavy items and furniture across the carpet stretches out and pulls the carpet away from the edges. To avoid creating carpet ripples, waves, or the edges from buckling, you should always pick up and move the furniture when possible. If you are alone, the next best thing is to use furniture sliders. Sliders help put less pressure on the carpet and makes it easier to move the furniture across the carpet. However, this can still cause ripples eventually over time.

New Carpet Wrinkles

Sometimes carpet ripples will develop due to improper carpet installation. When installing the carpet, it is important that the carpet is stretched out tightly from wall to wall and then secured in place. If the carpet is not installed tightly it will have loose waves or ripples. Another common installation problem is when the underpadding isn’t the right size. If there is too much give the carpet can develop ripples. Many people will buy a thinner underpadding to save a few bucks. However, you will just have carpet ripples and waves as a result. To prevent carpet ripples get the right size underpadding, and make sure the carpet is installed tightly.

Carpet Stretching, Repair & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

When carpet develops ripples, waves and buckling, the answer is simple, seek out carpet stretching services. A carpet repair service can come to your home and re-tighten the carpet and secure it in place. With nice flat carpet you will be able to clean more effectively and have beautiful looking carpets. If you need carpet stretching repair service or more, contact Steam Masters today.