How Do You Remove Pet Accidents, Coffee Spills & Other Stubborn Stains from Carpet in Anaheim, CA?

No matter how careful you are, when you have carpet, you are more than likely going to have accidents and spills that happen, leaving your carpet less than clean. There are many different scenarios that can result in spills and other types of accidents on your carpet. All stains are removable, but not all of them are removable without the help of professional carpet cleaning companies. Steam Masters is here to talk about some of the toughest stains you can get on your carpet.

How Do I Get Dried Blood Out of Carpet?

Sometimes blood spills are unavoidable. Accidents happen and blood can end up on your carpet. If you have ever tried removing it from your clothes, you know it can be difficult to remove. It’s no different when it winds up on your carpet. Even when you work quickly to remove it on your own, a light stain can be left behind that is hard to get rid of. Using harsh chemicals to remove it isn’t a wise choice either because they can damage your carpet permanently.

Can Pet Accidents Be Removed from Carpet?

If you have a pet, you more than likely have accidents to clean up. There is no way around it. All pets will have an accident in the house every now and then no matter how well they are trained. When it happens, it is incredibly important that the accident is cleaned up properly. If it isn’t, the animal can surely smell it and will be more likely to have a repeat accident in the same spot. This is why it is always best to have pet accidents cleaned professionally.

How Do You Get Old Coffee Carpet Stains Out?

While many people feel they have to start their day out with a fresh cup of coffee, if that coffee were to end up on your carpet, it can spell disaster. Not only is the dark drink difficult to remove from the fibers of your carpet, but the smell is also sometimes even more challenging. The lingering stain that is often left behind from carpet is a yellow/brown color and can look awful.

How to Remove Ink & Marker Spills on Carpet?

Some people turn to harsh chemicals to attempt at removing ink and markers from their carpet. This can leave your carpet damaged in the process. Ink seeps into your carpet fibers almost instantly. Unless you are dealing with washable ink, it is always best to leave ink removal to professional carpet cleaners that have the experience and equipment needed to remove it successfully.

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If you have difficult stains in your carpet that is leaving your carpet looking a little worse for wear, you can count on the carpet cleaning professionals at Steam Masters to help you successfully get rid of even the most difficult stains. It doesn’t matter what has caused your carpet stains, you can count on our team to remove them as if they were never there in the first place. Call us today!