Thermal Fogging Basics in Yorba Linda, CA; Indoor Fogger Disinfectant Application for Health & More

With the pandemic still going strong, both residential and commercial buildings are in demand for intense sterilization and disinfection. Cleaning the surrounding surfaces isn’t enough. The air and porous materials need to be disinfected as well. One method of sanitizing and disinfecting an entire home or building is with a thermal fogging system. Thermal foggers have been around for a long time and are often used in medical offices and hospitals for their great sanitizing and disinfecting abilities. Steam Masters would like to cover the basics about thermal foggers and how they can help kill germs, bacteria and viruses in any setting.

How Does a Thermal Fogger Machine Work?

There are many different types of disinfectant fogger devices that can effectively disinfect and sanitize homes and commercial buildings. A thermal fogger is a machine that produces a thick fog that can be easily seen. The dense fog is made of droplets which coat any surface. The droplets can seep into fabrics and other porous material, disinfecting any surface it touches. A thermal fogger is held high in the air as the droplets are spread throughout the building. As the droplets fall they will capture the tiny particles in the air, including viruses. Since a thermal fogger produces dense droplets in the air, which falls to the ground, thermal foggers can also be used outdoors. When disinfecting with a thermal fogger you can be assured that every surface, crack and crevice has been disinfected.

Thermal Fogging Disinfection Application

One of the common concerns with thermal fogger is knowing if it is safe for humans and pets, especially if the foggers are utilized daily. Thermal foggers are very effective especially when cleaning large areas. Due to the current pandemic, the need for daily disinfecting and sanitizing is a must. To answer this question, yes, thermal foggers are safe and can be used in kitchens, dining areas, and more. When thermal foggers are used it is important that the technician wears protective clothing and ventilators as breathing in the disinfectant solution is not safe. However, the droplets fall very quickly and once they are out of the air they are harmless. This is why it is best to schedule a thermal fogging after working hours or when the home is vacant for a few hours. After the droplets have had time to settle, the environment is safe and virus free.

Residential & Commercial Thermal Fogger Solution

Thermal foggers can be used to maintain a clean working environment and other public settings. During the current pandemic many commercial buildings will have thermal fogging services daily to ensure the building is safe. Homeowners don’t require daily cleaning. However, it is recommended to seek thermal fogging service if a member(s) of the household was recently sick and you wish to disinfect the home, or if you have had visitors. Homeowners may want to consider having their home thermal fogged every few months to ensure their home is virus free.

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