Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips in Fountain Valley, CA; Entrance Mats & Runners in High Traffic Areas & More,

Keeping carpet clean is one of the hardest tasks for home owners, but keeping carpet clean in a commercial setting is even harder. Stores, shops, business buildings and offices get more foot traffic than anywhere else and the carpet takes a great deal of wear and tear every day. High traffic areas fall victim to dirt, dust and grime tracked in every day from the outside, sometimes mud when it is raining or snowing out. Spills and other accidents often happen without ever being properly cleaned up or attended to. If a employee spills a bit of coffee on the carpet, chances are it’s not getting properly cleaned up, especially if the worker is in the middle of getting their job done. Orange County Steam Masters offers tips to keep your business carpet looking great and lasting a long time!

How to Keep from Tracking Dirt into Business

Overseeing the cleanliness of your business’s floors can seem like an overwhelming task, but there are some simple steps you can take and rules you can implement to extend the life of your buildings carpet. Make sure that your building has mats at the entry and exit doors of the building. This will help eliminate a significant amount of dirt, dust and grime that is being brought in from your employee’s shoes. Simple entry and exit mats will allow any excess dirt or mud to be wiped off the shoes and the chances of it making it to the surface of your building carpet will shrink significantly. Another great area to place floor coverings is high traffic areas like the lobby, or hallways that lead to the executive offices or board rooms. By placing long area rugs in these locations, you will protect your buildings carpet from tough stains and dark clouded spots sinking into the carpet.

Quick Carpet Stain Removal

Make sure that your employees know what you expect of them when it comes to office cleanliness. Cleaning up spills immediately after they occur will reduce the chances of a stain sinking into your carpet. Supply your employees with the proper materials they need to clean up minor spills and accidents.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

The most important and effective step to take in keeping your carpet clean is hiring a professional commercial carpet cleaner. Your carpet should be regularly cleaned at least every twelve to eighteen months; this will assist in removing any stains before they settle in too deep. Contact Orange County Steam Masters for the best commercial carpet cleaning service available. Your office, shop, store or building will look like new after the carpets have been professionally cleaned by Orange County Steam Masters.