Stains on Carpet Keep Coming Back in Claremont, CA; Carpet Cleaner Soiling & Wicking Problems & More

The carpet in your home doesn’t only provide you with the comfort under foot you are looking for, it also creates a beautiful space. However, when your carpets have unsightly stains all over them, or traffic patterns throughout the home, it can take away from this beauty you are after. Sometimes stains that have been removed by cleaning the carpets can unfortunately reappear not long after. Orange County Steam Masters is here to talk about why this happens and how you can avoid it.

Carpet Soiling Problems

There is nothing more frustrating than to clean a stain or spot from your carpet only to find that it starts to come back weeks or months later. The problem that causes this to happen is the amount of detergent you are using to clean your carpet. It can be tempting to pour on the detergent when spills happen, however, if that detergent isn’t completely removed from the carpet, it will then attract dirt and grime. This causes that stain you worked so hard to remove only to come right back again. This can be totally avoided if you only use a small amount of detergent to remove stains and then use plain warm water to completely rinse away the detergent that is left on the fibers. Just make sure you dry the carpet out or you will have other problems on your hands.

How to Fix Carpet Wicking

Wicking is another problem that will cause a stain to reappear on your carpet long after you have cleaned it up. This a problem that correlates with deep staining. If the carpet stain has had the chance to soak through the carpet and into the carpet backing, you will work hard to remove it from the fibers, but that stain will continue to make its way back up to the fibers from the backing beneath them. The way to avoid this problem is to take great care during the cleaning process. If there is an excessive amount of moisture on the carpet, you need to remove it as well as the stain that is left behind. One of the best ways to do this is with a clean towel. You will lay the towel on top of the stain and then find something heavy that you can place on top of the towel. This will soak up all the moisture and help you clean the deeper fibers of the carpet. The trick is to leave this in place for about 24 hours before you finish cleaning.

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If you have stains that seem to keep coming back time and time again, you may need the help of the trusted carpet cleaning professionals at Orange Country Steam Masters to get the job done once and for all. We have the equipment and the training needed to remove even the deepest stains and keep them from coming back to haunt you. Call us today!