How to Extend the Life of Carpet in Pomona, CA; Professional Steam Cleaning, Protector, Furniture Coasters & More

For those with carpets, especially newer carpets, it is natural to want to see how you can extend the life of the carpet. New carpets are soft, clean, and stain free. Most people will want to keep it that way. To help keep carpet clean, stain free and have it last longer, Orange County Steam Masters will share a few tips on extending the life of your home’s carpets.

Use Entry Rugs & Mats

One step that every homeowner can take to help maintain their carpets is to use rugs and mats. Place rugs in high foot traffic areas. High traffic areas will develop flat and soiled carpets that can ruin the carpets. To prevent soiling foot traffic patterns on your new carpet, use rugs in hallways and other frequently used pathways in your home. Next, make sure to place door mats at each exterior door. It is recommended to have a mat on the inside and outside of the door to ensure less dirt gets dragged into the home.

No Shoes in the House Rule

Shoes on carpet just leads to premature wear of the carpet and more dirt. Shoes are simply horrible on carpets. To help keep carpet clean and have it last longer, consider implementing a “no shoes” rule inside the home. Have everyone take their shoes off at the door. It helps to have a shoe rack in plain sight to encourage a follow through with this basic rule.

Furniture Coasters for Carpet

First, it is always a bad idea to drag furniture across carpets. Dragging heavy items on carpet causes rippling, stretching or holes in the carpet. If furniture needs to be moved on the carpet make sure to get help and pick up the furniture. Additionally, make sure to use furniture pads underneath each piece of furniture. The pads help to protect the carpet. Furniture can cause holes and rips in the carpet. Metal furniture can even cause rust stains. Make sure to help extend the life of your carpet by using furniture pads.

Carpet Protector Repels Stains

Another step you can take to protect your carpet is to have a stain repellent applied on top of the carpet. Stain repellents will not stop stains. However, they do provide the homeowner more time to clean the stain and prevent the substance from soaking into the carpet immediately. Stain repellents can help keep carpet cleaner longer and is recommended in households that are full of kids and pets.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

To extend the life of the carpet in your home, it is encouraged that you have the carpet cleaned regularly. Carpet in busy households should be cleaned every six months or sooner if needed. Carpet greatly benefits from once a year cleaning to ensure the carpets stay clean and last longer. Soiling is when dirt gets trapped inside the carpet. This dirt can actually break the pile down in small fibers at a time, causing the carpet to thin out over time. To prevent soiling in high traffic areas, have your carpet professionally cleaned. We hope we can help you maintain clean, long lasting carpets in your home. For quality carpet cleaning services and more contact Orange County Steam Masters today.