Is Vacuuming Enough to Kill Fleas, Ticks & Other Pests in Carpets in Fullerton, CA or is Steam Carpet Cleaning Needed?

Dust mites, silverfish, roaches, bed bugs, carpet beetles and other pests can be found in carpets. In addition, during the summer, pets bring in fleas and ticks that may get concealed in the carpet fibers in your home as well. We at Steam Masters would like to share how steam carpet cleaning can help eliminate fleas, ticks, and their eggs in conjunction with your efforts, however.

Can Dogs Bring Fleas & Ticks into the House?

Pets are often the responsible party for bringing fleas, and especially ticks which are most active in the summer, inside homes. At least once in their life, most homeowners experience fleas inside the home. They have likely spread their eggs throughout the whole house by the time you realize your pet is enduring fleas. In addition to fleas being hard to eliminate, the eggs are more challenging. When it comes to carpets, steam cleaning is a safer method, though chemical pesticides may be solution as well.

Will Steam Cleaning a Carpet Kill Fleas?

Fleas are effectively neutralized no matter what stage of their lifecycle. The steam cleaning option offers chemical-free solutions on your carpets. Where it can be otherwise difficult to ensure thorough treatment, steam cleaning wipes out the flea infestation from egg to adults from the carpets. With the ability to rid your carpets of fleas and most other pests, steam cleaning is more powerful than vacuuming alone. Fleas cannot handle the lethal temperatures that the steam carpet cleaning produces in addition to a more powerful extraction.

Can Vacuuming Alone Get Rid of Fleas?

Steam cleaning is non-toxic and easier on your carpets as well as safer for children and pets unlike chemical treatments. Your carpets are deep cleaned removing the soil and debris as well as any spots, stains, and odors along with eradicating fleas and ticks. Though vacuuming is still important, it should not be the extent of your process. The edges and corners need to be vacuumed well with the vacuum hose following a very thorough vacuuming, using a grid system, overlapping the lanes, and vacuuming in multiple directions. The areas your pet sleeps and wonders through should also be treated including any pet beds, furniture, favorite sofas and so on as well. Along with the bedding, curtains in close proximity should be washed in hot water. Get to work on the home’s flea purging once your pet is treated.

Steam Carpet Cleaning & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

Your carpets and other surfaces such as rugs, mattresses, and upholstery should be cleaned to remove the toxic chemicals as well if you decide to opt for pest control services. The residual toxins, and the remaining debris with steam carpet. Make certain to schedule a deep steam carpet cleaning service with Steam Masters and let our specialists help sanitize your carpets and purge your home of infestations to help protect your home from flea, tick, and other pest infestations. Call us today!