Is Dryer Vent Cleaning Necessary in Midway City, CA? What Happens if You Don’t Clean Vents?

For most of us, we can’t even begin to imagine a life without our washer and dryer. The thought of washing all of your clothes by hand sounds awful. However, the washer and dryer are usually something you don’t think too much about until they aren’t working as they should. This is why it is so important that you perform the proper maintenance on your appliances. Something that is absolutely essential for your dryer is to have the dryer vent cleaned. Steam Masters is here to talk about dryer vent cleaning and why it’s something you should think about.

Can a Blocked Dryer Vent Cause a Fire?

There are several problems that can be caused by a dryer vent that is clogged. If you aren’t vigilant in keeping it free and clear, you could run into problems that could be dangerous. Here are the biggest reasons it’s so important.
– Dryer Fire Risk: Your dryer does a good job of removing lint from your clothes. This lint is extremely flammable though. With an increased amount of heat in your dryer, it doesn’t take much to ignite lint that is trapped in your dryer vent.
– Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: When your dryer is running, there is carbon monoxide that is vented outside via your dryer vent. If that carbon monoxide has no way to getting outside where it belongs, it can leak back into your home and put you and those you love at risk.
– Damage to Your Dryer: Your dryer has to work much harder when it doesn’t have the ability to vent properly. This makes it so that your dryer has to use significantly more energy to run and there is much more wear and tear on the dryer in the process.
– Energy Costs from Overworked Dryer: When our dryer is working harder to dry your clothes, the extra energy used is going to cost you. To avoid high energy costs, have your dryer vent cleaned.

How Do I Know if My Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning?

If your dryer vent needs to be cleaned out, there will likely be signs that can clue you in. Look for these signs:
– Excessive Heat from Dryer: Your dryer will put off an abnormal amount of heat when the dryer vent is clogged. The dryer, clothes in it and even the room may feel hot and humid when the dryer isn’t able to vent.
– High Energy Costs: If you have noticed a spike in your energy bill, a clogged dryer vent could be to blame.
– Dryer Burning Smell: If you smell something burning, turn your dryer off right away and call a professional in to help as the lint could be catching on fire.

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If you can’t remember the last time you had your dryer vent cleaned, you can call on the professionals at Steam Masters to come and make sure there isn’t a dangerous clog in your dryer vent. Call us today!