How Can I Make My Area Rug Look New Again in Stanton, CA? Spot Cleaning, Vacuuming & More

Area rugs are used to help bring some color to the home, protect the floors, and provide a padded surface. Area rugs, like carpet, need proper care and maintenance to ensure the longevity of the area rug. Steam Masters will share a few tips on how to extend the life of your area rug and how to properly care for an area rug.

Is Vacuuming Everyday Important?

Area rugs need to be kept vacuumed just like carpet. All area rugs need to be vacuumed to remove dirt, pet hair, and other contaminates on the rug. To ensure the life of the area rug make sure to vacuum the rug at least once a week. For a busier household with kids and pets, consider vacuuming the area rug more often. Vacuuming is an essential step to properly maintaining an area rug.

Spot Clean Area Rug

Another important step in properly maintaining an area rug is spot cleaning. When spills occur on the area rug, clean the spills immediately. Never leave spills from drinks, food, or pet accidents seep into the rug. You will want to clean the spill up quickly. It is recommended to keep an area rug cleaner on hand. There are some DIY cleaners that will work to clean up spills and stains on the rug. However, make sure to test the cleaner first, as area rug fibers are sensitive and can be effected with the wrong cleaner if used.

Rotate Area Rugs Weekly

Like carpet, area rugs can develop traffic patterns. Area rugs can be very difficult to restore once deep traffic patterns set in. To help prevent traffic patterns in area rugs, rotate the rugs. By rotating the rugs it helps to spread out the wear that naturally occurs on the carpet. It is recommended to rotate area rugs once a week, it will help extend the life of your area rugs. Another great way to help extend the life of the area rug is to invest in a rug pad. It will help prevent the rug from slipping and stay in place while muffling sound.

Should Area Rugs Go Under Heavy Furniture?

Some people will get an area rug to place underneath a table, couch and other types of furniture. However, never invest in an expensive rug if you intend to place furniture on top of the rugs. Furniture will dig into the rug causing thinning and even holes. If possible avoid placing furniture on top of the rugs to prevent permanent damages.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning

When area rugs need a deep cleaning, always seek out a professional area rug cleaning service. Area rugs are frequently improperly cleaned which can ruin the carpet completely. It is important that they are cleaned correctly. Area rugs are a major investment to the home. It is a major shame when area rugs lose their color as well as the fluff of the rug’s pile because of improper rug cleaning. A professional will ensure the area rug gets cleaned properly. Additionally, they have all of the cleaning tools, cleaners and training, which takes the load off of the home owner.

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