How to Remove Unknown Set in Upholstery Stains in Los Alamitos, CA; Dry Cleaning Solvent & More

We have no clue as to the origin story, when there are often times that we get surprised by a stain on the upholstery. Knowing what the stains consists of is half the battle when dealing with stains. If a treatment is improperly conducted, you can ruin the color, or worse, damage the upholstery itself. Upholstery can be a temperamental thing. It is extremely important you perform a patch test before application in an inconspicuous area, there are no guarantees when using a home remedy or upholstery cleaner, though it can be a gamble to treat the unknown stains on your upholstery. Today, we at Steam Masters would like to share a few suggestions to get the mysterious stains removed.

1) Vinegar Stain Remover Solution

In your choice of spray bottle or cleaning bucket and mix the ingredients well, mix 1 TBS dish washing liquid, 2 cups of cool water, and 1 TBS vinegar. You do not want the area to be over saturated and allow it to set be sure to administer the mixture sparingly. In circular patterns the blemished area, treat a cotton ball with some rubbing alcohol and gently rub. To carefully rinse solution away the solution, use a clean cloth and cool water. Ensure the areas is completely dry, if stain persists and before trying any other methods.

2) Ammonia Stain Removal Recipe

In your choice of cleaning bucket or spray bottle add 1 TBS dish washing liquid, 2 cups of cool water, and 1 TBS ammonia; mix well. With a clean damp cloth, apply solution by sponging on the treated area. If the stain is resistant and needs to be slightly agitated, work at the stain by blotting at the spot with moderate pressure, occasionally use circular patterns in a gentle rubbing fashion. Remove any cleaning residues by thoroughly rinsing the area with cool water and cloth. In the event the results were not satisfactory, ensure thorough dryness, especially prior to trying a different method.

3) Hydrogen Peroxide Stain Remover

Apply a few drops of the peroxide to the area in question after filling an eye dropper with 3% hydrogen peroxide. The stains should be blotted. Thoroughly rinse and dry the area is the stain is thoroughly removed. Use only with caution and after a patch test, if you use this method, please note that peroxide has a tendency to lighten colors and can lighten the coloring of your upholstery.

4) Dry Cleaning Solvent for Upholstery

Be sure to following the manufacturer’s directions printed on the label in the event you opt to use a commercially packaged dry cleaning solvent. As scrubbing or rubbing out stains can actually push the stain deeper or our wider, only use blotting motions to remove stains. Make certain that the area is completely dry before attempting a different method if the event dry cleaning solvent was unsuccessful art pulling the stain.

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Removing unknown stains from the various fabrics in upholstery can be a challenge, as previously mentioned. When you need the stains expertly removed from the upholstery in your Southern California home, call Steam Masters .