How to Protect Your Carpet This Winter in Buena Park, CA; Use Entry Mats, Enforce No Shoes on Carpets & More

As winter approaches many start to dread the mess that comes with extreme weather. When the ground is wet outside, it often times gets tracked inside on your shoes. There are some fairly simple preventative measures that can be taken to drastically improve the protection of your carpet this winter. Steam Masters is here to help you save your carpets this winter with some simple tips.

Entry Mats Carpet Protection

As you choose the mat for the front door of your home, you may have décor in mind. While they do look nice in front of your door, they serve an important purpose. They are excellent in getting dirt and other debris off the bottom of your shoes before you enter your house. If your mat is old and worn, consider getting a new one before winter is here. When they are worn, the fibers of the mat become less effective in removing dirt and other debris like they did when they were new.

Remove Shoes Before Walking on Carpet

In the winter, it is best to have a no shoe policy. No matter how much you wipe your feet, a doormat can only do so much. If you are experiencing wet weather, you are better off not allowing any shoes to walk into your home. It can be helpful to have a basket or something by your front door to put the shoes in with a polite sign asking visitors to remove their shoes upon entering.

Clean Soiled Carpet Right Away

Every now and then, someone will forget to remove their shoes or wipe their feet. In this instance, you will want to clean it up right away. Don’t wait for it to dry. It will be much easier to clean it up right after it has happened rather than after it soaks into the fibers of your carpeting. The one exception is mud. The best route to take with mud is to let it dry and then vacuum. Adding more liquid to mud will spread the stain deeper and further!

Professional Carpet Cleaning, Stain & Odor Removal & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

After an entire winter, even if you are vigilant in following these steps, you will benefit from having your carpets professionally cleaned. To keep your carpets from sustaining permanent damage from winter wear, this is a job for the professionals. Steam Masters offers carpet cleaning with professional grade equipment and tools to restore your carpets. Having your carpets professionally cleaned at least two times a year has been proven to extend the life of your carpets and leaves your carpets cleaner than if you try to do it on your own. Call today!