How Long Does Parvo Stay in Carpet & What Kills It in Lake Forest, CA? How to Clean & Disinfect Carpets

Has your dear canine companion come down with Parvo Virus? At this point you understand how critical time is to save your dog’s life. Hopefully you took them to the vet’s office to receive the proper care. Once diagnosed with Parvo, your veterinarian should fill you in on the details of the virus, such as how it is spread and what to expect next. Orange County Steam Masters will go into detail on how to prepare your home for your best friend’s return.

How to Treat Parvo at Home

Understanding the Parvo Virus is half of the battle. When a dog comes down with Parvo they will first become extremely lethargic and not want food and sometimes even water. Next they will become nauseated and begin to vomit. As the virus progresses they will also have uncontrollable diarrhea. Parvo Virus is extremely contagious. Research studies have shown that the virus is spread through infected dog’s feces and some say their vomit or saliva. Even if your dog is treated and survives the Parvo virus, they can catch the virus all over again if they come in contact with an infected area. Keep in mind your dog might even have some of the virus on the bottom of their feet and could have tracked it anywhere inside your home as well. Before your dog can come home, you will need to kill the remainder of the Parvo Virus both in and outside of your home.

What Kills Parvo? How to Treat Yard

Killing all traces of the Parvo virus is your greatest challenge while your dog is recovering at the vet’s office. You will want to make sure your home is ready for their return and that it is safe for them. The outdoor area where your dog roams is the easiest for you to disinfect. All you need is water and bleach. Use a pump sprayer and mix 1 part bleach to 10 parts water and spray the entire yard. Don’t worry; the bleach mixture won’t harm plants at this low volume. Make sure to thoroughly spray the bleach mixture on surfaces such as concrete, rocks, and even dirt since Parvo thrives in cold damp surfaces.

How to Get Rid of Parvo in the House

Indoors, use the diluted bleach on solid surfaces such as tile, hardwood floors and vinyl flooring. Of course, this is where you ask about your carpet and rugs. Bleach and fabric just don’t mix well. You can still disinfect your carpet without bleach. However, it is just not as easy as applying bleach everywhere. You will need to prepare to steam clean your carpets. Often during the case of Parvo, your canine buddy will have more than one accident all over your home. If the carpets were affected by these accidents, follow these few steps. First steam clean your entire carpeted area with warm water. Then to clean the stain associated with Parvo, use a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with baking soda and steam clean your carpet again. This time, focus on the stain if any exists. Purchase a cleaner that is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to kill parvovirus. Follow the directions to the letter. Some will require a water dilution. Use the cleaner in your streamer. The cleaners that are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that kill parvovirus will also work on rug and upholsteries as well.

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You want to be as thorough as possible when dealing with the Parvo Virus. If you have other canines in the home, you will want to have them examined as well, or put them in a safe place with family or friends while you’re doing the sterilization of your home and yard. Orange County Steam Masters hopes we were able to provide some answers. It is never easy to have your best friend sick with a life threatening virus and find there’s not much you can do for them beside visit them and prepare a safe environment for them to come home to. Of course Orange County Steam Masters can help you with all your carpet cleaning needs and more. Call us today.