How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Tile & Grout Floors in Mission Viejo, CA? Tile Cleaning Process & More

Many people never realize just how dirty tile can actually get. Most people are satisfied with mopping their tile floor and then feeling like the tile is clean. However, it is not until you have your tile professionally cleaned do you truly realize how dirty the tile and grout was. When a professional comes to clean the tile and grout lines there is a detailed process. Steam Masters would like to share why professional tile cleaning is important and how it is done.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

When a professional comes and cleans tile floors, they start by vacuuming the entire floor thoroughly. Vacuuming is much better than sweeping as it picks up much more. Once all of the dirt and particles are removed from the tile floor, the next step is to treat the stains on the floor. The tile floor is mopped with a stain remover to help remove any stains in the tile. If the tile has other contaminates such as mold or mildew, the tile is mopped with a mold and mildew cleanser to ensure the tile is clean. The last step of cleaning the tile, which also helps clean the grout lines, is steam cleaning the tile. A powerful tile steam cleaner is used which deep cleans the tile and grout lines. After the tile is steamed, the floor is then dried to prevent dirt from sticking to a wet floor.

Is Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Worth It?

Most homeowners never realize that mopping the tile floors isn’t always good enough. Over time grime can build up on the tile, especially those with a rougher texture. Grout lines are especially hard to keep clean as they are super grainy and porous. Where mopping helps to maintain and extend the need for a professional tile cleaning, there will come a time that your tile screams for a deeper cleaning. A professional tile cleaning service comes ready to clean your tile floors. They have all of the equipment, cleaning agents, and training to ensure a quality cleaning. Along with deep cleaning the tile and grout lines, often a professional tile service will even offer to seal the tile and grout. By sealing your tile and grout you can protect your tile from stains and grime. A sealer greatly benefits the grout lines. As mentioned, grout lines are super porous and grainy which is why they get dirty so quickly. The sealer adds a layer between the grout and the grease, oils, and dirt.

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Tile Floors?

One of the common question asked is “how often should you have your tile professionally cleaned?” Tile is a durable floor that doesn’t get ruined by over cleaning, which means you can have your tile deep cleaned as often as you want. On average you probably only need the tile and grout professionally cleaned about every 6 months. If you have a quality tile sealer, you can extend out the next professional tile cleaning to about every 8 to 12 months. If you do not have a sealer on your tile, and the tile has a rough texture, you may want to have the tile cleaned every three months.

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