Area Rug Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in Garden Grove, CA; Best & Worst Products, Methods & More

When investing in an area rug, often the homeowner does not invest in professional cleanings and will undertake cleaning their rug themselves. Where cleaning an area rug may not seem like a very hard task, often mistakes are made that can result in permanent damage. Steam Masters would like to share some of the worst and more common mistakes made when DIY cleaning your area rugs.

Best & Worst Area Rug Cleaning Products

When it comes to area rug cleaner, there is no “one cleans all.” Each area rug has its own unique blend or materials which require their own type of cleaner. If the wrong cleaner is used on an area rug, the dyes can bleed out or the fabric can be damaged. It is important before cleaning an area rug to know which type of rug you have and seek out the proper cleaning solvent to clean the rug. Additionally, never use homemade cleaners that utilize hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. For cleaning stains, you can use a liquid dish soap. However, make sure to thoroughly rinse the soapy water out of the rug.

Right & Wrong Cleaning Methods

When cleaning an area rug, you will need to know which type of rug you have and use the right cleaning method. For example, you should never use a dry cleaning method on wool based rugs. Some rugs shouldn’t be oversoaked when they are washed. Before cleaning your area rug, you will need to do some research on how to properly clean your rug.

How Often Should You Clean Area Rugs?

When taking it upon yourself to clean your area rug, one common mistake is not knowing when to clean the rug. Many people will either clean their rug too often or wait too long in between cleanings. You must find the right time between area rug cleanings. This helps keep the rug clean and healthy. Too much cleaning can wear down some of the rug’s fibers even more. When a rug is dirty for long periods of time, the result will also reduce the life of the area rug. It is recommended to clean an area rug about every six months.

What to Do if You Spill Water on a Rug?

A common mistake is neglecting spills or other accidents when they occur. Your best chance of keeping an area rug clean and stain or odor free is by cleaning up spills quickly. Many people will leave the stain for later cleaning, but the longer the stain sets in the rug the much harder it is to remove. Clean up spills and other accidents right away and you will have a much cleaner and healthier rug.

Steam Carpet Cleaning, Stain & Odor Removal & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

There are a number of things that can go wrong during a DIY area rug cleaning. It is highly recommended to have professional clean your area rug to ensure the rug is properly cleaned. A professional rug cleaner has the knowledge and materials to perform a deep and thorough cleaning of the rug. You will be happy with the result of a professional area rug cleaning. For quality area rug cleaning services, contact Orange County Steam Masters today.