How Do I Prepare for Carpet Cleaners in Laguna Hills, CA? Note Stains & Odors, Vacuum Carpets & More

There is nothing that will make your home feel cleaner than having your carpet professionally cleaned. Not only will it give your home a fresh and clean feel, but when you have your carpet professionally cleaned, it helps to extend the life of your carpet. This is why it is a big part of carpet maintenance. Anytime you have a professional carpet cleaning appointment, there are a few things that you can do as a homeowner to get ready for the technicians. Steam Masters is here to share some tips that will have you ready when carpet cleaners arrive to give your carpet a deep clean.

Clear Out the Room for Carpet Cleaning

If it is at all possible, remove as many items as you can from the rooms that are going to be cleaned. You want to have as much of the carpet cleaned as possible. While you may not be able to remove all the larger pieces of furniture, it is helpful to any small pieces that are easy to remove from the space. If you have any clutter in the room, removing it is important as well. Even if it is “organized” clutter. You will need to remove toys, shoes, and even long curtains that are touching the carpet to get the most out of your carpet cleaning appointment.

Vacuum Carpet

It may sound silly, but when you vacuum your carpet before the pros arrive, you can help them get the ball rolling sooner. If there is a great deal of debris in the carpet, they will have to spend that much more time vacuuming the carpet rather than getting right to work in cleaning the carpet. Getting rid of this surface debris can allow the technicians to get to work removing the dirt and debris that are deeper into the fibers.

Arrangements for Kids & Pets During Carpet Cleaning

Any homes that have small children or pets, may need to make arrangements for them to spend time either in a different part of the home or at another friend or family’s house for the day. Some pets are fine staying outdoors, but an important part of your carpet cleaning will be giving the carpet ample dry time. This can be difficult when you have small children and pets that don’t understand they have to stay off the carpet.

Point Out Stains & Odors Etc to Carpet Cleaners

If there are any problems with the carpet in your home, you should make a list of them and go over that list with the technicians when they arrive. This will allow them to spend extra time in those areas to ensure you get the cleaning results you are looking for.

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