How Do I Know if there is Mold in My Carpet in Santa Ana, CA? Smell, Wet Spots, Discoloration & More

Carpets are one of the love-hate types of flooring. Carpets are soft, they come in many varieties, and is a great insulator. However, maintaining clean carpet is a challenge. Carpets need to be vacuumed and deep cleaned. If carpets are neglected or exposed to moisture, they can develop mold. Mold breeds very well inside carpets and can lead to poor indoor air quality and even illness. Steam Masters will share signs of mold in your carpets to help you identify a potential problem and where you can seek help.

What Does Mold Smell like in Carpet?

Mold has a distinct odor when it begins to spread. Mold has a musty earth like smell that can help alert you as to its presence. Mold can develop quickly in carpet once the carpet has been exposed to moisture. However, as it begins the odor will become strong over time. Often you may not notice the odor of the mold until it is really bad. If you begin to smell that musty odor make sure to inspect the carpet to locate the site of the mold.

Mold Allergies from Carpet

Mold, as it begins to develop and spread, will release mold spores into the air. The mold reproduces or spreads by releasing its spores. It is the spores in the air that can have major effects to the household’s health. Most people will begin to suffer from allergies when inside their home. Others with asthma or respiratory problems will have more severe reactions. When you or a loved one has allergies a lot inside the home there is a high chance there is mold somewhere inside the carpets.

Wet Spots on Carpet

Do you have a spot or area of the carpet that has gotten wet or appears to be damp? This is a sign of water exposure, either due to a leak, flood or a spill. Once the carpet got wet mold can begin to develop deep within the carpet. Do not wait for mold odor, illness or other signs of mold to develop before you decide to treat the carpet. If the carpet is slightly wet dry it out quickly. If the carpet was severely soaked, you will want to treat the carpet for mold.

Carpet Discoloration from Mold

When you begin to notice your carpet turning a different color it could be mold. UV light can lighten carpet. However, if the carpet is turning green, white, or black, this is mold. The mold will discolor your carpet, especially once the mold has had enough time to spread and expand throughout the carpet. Discoloring is a sign of fairly mature or old mold that has been present for some time. You will want to get your carpet properly cared for right away to ensure the mold is treated and the household is safe.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

When you discover mold in your carpets, this is a serious situation. To ensure you recover your carpet and get rid of the mold, seek out a professional carpet cleaning service. A professional carpet cleaner will have the right chemicals to treat the mold and clean the carpet. They also have powerful carpet cleaning machines that can clean deeply within the carpet. To ensure your carpets are mold free, contact Steam Masters today.