How Best to Clean Hardwood Floors in Laguna Woods, CA to Prevent Scratches & Damage

Basic care and maintenance can be a bit overwhelming for homeowners first introduced to hardwood floor variations in their home. To protect the overall condition, longevity, and aesthetics, you need to care for and maintain the floors. With this in mind, we at Orange County Steam Masters would like to share some primary basics of keeping your wood floors in pristine condition.

Prefinished VS Unfinished Hardwood Floors

Solid hardwood floor is engineered to be thicker and more durable. Should you decide for new installation, solid hardwood floors can be unfinished, or factory finished. As it comes pre-sanded and finished, factory finishes minimize the install work. As a more optimal option for those wanting to implement custom designs, unfinished wood requires the sanding and finishing following the installation. With the durability and longevity, solid hardwood flooring is more costly than the other alternatives, but it is well worth the investment.

Routine Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

1) Ensure the windows are covered with blinds, UV film, or curtains during any hours of direct sunlight that hits the hardwood flooring. The wood dries out and fades the color when the sun shines directly on the wood.
2) From potential particulates that can contribute to blemishes or damage, area rugs and runners are ideal for entry points and areas where there is a lot of foot traffic in an effort to offer the hardwood floor more protection.
3) With a soft bristled broom, a dust mop, or a vacuum that features a “bare floor” or “hardwood floor” setting, clear away the surface dust and debris. To avoid scuffing the floors as you are walking, this should be done daily to keep the dust and dirt off the surface. Deteriorating the finish and causes scratches and scuffs in the wood, dirt the floors, combined with everyday walking creates friction.

How to Prevent Scratches & Damage to Hardwood Flooring

– Abrasive shoes like high heel shoes, and spike shoes should be avoided while walking on the wood floors.
– Use plain water and immediately dry up the water residue if stains or spots occur and avoid using water or cleaners to clean the floor.
– Specifically formulated for your hardwood floor, only use cleaning aids and treatments.
– Steel wool pads, scouring pads, or anything containing metal and other abrasive cleaning tools need to be avoided.
– Requiring similar maintenance but have specific needs, engineered wood and laminated wood differ than solid hardwood floors.
– Just like the tracked in dirt and mud, your pet’s nails can easily scratch the floor. Keep your pet’s nails trimmed and their paws cleaned to minimize the negative impact.
– Humidity levels should be kept between 35% and 55% to maintain wood floors and avoid shrinkage. Humidifiers can help maintain the humidity balance.
– With a clean, dry microfiber cloth, immediately wipe up spills. Water damage or warping can seep into the gaps from leaving water on the surface.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

When your wood floors require a deep clean, call Orange County Steam Masters and let our certified professionals take care of the cleaning and sanitizing.