Cleaning Checklist for Selling House in Newport Beach, CA; Clean Carpet, Upholstered Furniture & More for Staging

Getting ready to sell your home can be a stressful undertaking. There are so many things that you have to get done before you put your home on the market. The better the condition of your home, the better chance you have of selling it. This means keeping your home as clean as possible so that it appeals to as many potential buyers as possible. Steam Masters is here to share some cleaning tips to help you get your home ready to put it on the market.

Pre Listing Cleaning Checklist

This is a crucial first step when you are talking about putting your home on the market. It is important to walk through each room in your home and look at the different needs you have to get it ready. Make a list of the projects that need to be accomplished so that you can start checking them off as you get them done.

Staging Your Home to Sell

If there is a significant amount of clutter around the home, your home will look much smaller than it actually is. Clutter is also something that many potential buyers can look past and will be turned off to the house when they walk through for the first time. Getting rid of as much of the clutter as possible is always a good idea. Even if you aren’t going to throw it away, you can possible store it somewhere else until you move.

House Cleaning Services Before Selling

While the big cleaning tasks are important to get done, you shouldn’t overlook all the small details as well. You need to walk through each room and ensure that every square inch of it is clean. Here is a rundown of what most rooms need.
– Windows: All the windows in the home should be cleaned on the inside and out. This can be a big job, but when they are clean, it can also make a big difference. It will be worth your time to make sure this is done.
– Dust: If you aren’t a regular duster, you should take the time to make sure all the shelves, blinds and windowsills are dusted. You may not notice the dirt, but potential buyers most likely will.
– Upholstered Furniture: If you can’t remember the last time your furniture was cleaned, it is time to get that done. While buyers are purchasing your furniture, having cleaning furniture will help your home show much better.
– Carpet & Flooring: If your flooring is in bad shape, potential buyers will notice right away. Your flooring needs to be cleaned by a team of professionals.

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If you need to have flooring and furniture cleaned to get ready to list your home, you can rely on the team of professionals at Steam Masters to get the job done. We will make sure you are ready to put your best foot forward as you get ready to sell your home. Call us today!