Benefits of Regular Professional Carpet Cleaning in Irvine CA; Stain & Odor Removal for Cleaner & Longer Laster Carpets

Keeping your home clean and tidy throughout the holiday season may seem like a pointless task with all of the foot traffic from visitors, holiday décor that is out and abundance of sweet treats that are constantly being passed around and delivered. The area that takes the brunt of all of these current festivities is your carpet. Your carpet collects dust, dirt and grime from off the bottoms of everyone’s winter boots and shoes, making your carpet more like a door mat than the comfortable and luxurious flooring it was meant to be. Dirty carpets not only look bad, but they are loaded with pollutants and grime.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

The best way to keep your carpets clean and lasting long is to have them professionally cleaned at least twice a year. While the general recommendation is twice a year, many home owners sometimes choose to have their floors cleaned once a quarter. This helps to eliminate the buildup of dust, dirt and other materials that accumulate from season to season. Not only will having your carpets cleaned professionally make your home look like new all year long, but it will also lengthen the life of your carpet, preventing you from having to replace your carpet before you had planned.

Do you Need to Vacuum Regularly Between Professional Carpet Cleanings? Yes!

Between professional cleanings, the best way to care for your carpet is to vacuum regularly. While twice a week is another general rule, most home owners take the pro active approach when it comes to vacuuming and do it at least every other day if not once a day. If you have children or pets, then vacuuming must become a part of your every day task list. Vacuuming will pick up pet dander and hair, dry spills, and dirt, dust and grime that is brought in from the outside. When you do vacuum, be sure to take your time, it should take about fifteen to twenty minutes to properly vacuum a three hundred square foot room.

Professional Carpet Cleaning, Stain & Odor Removal in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

While vacuuming is a great way to care for your carpet, it will not completely clean and sanitize your floor the way that a professional carpet cleaning service will. When you bring in a professional to clean your carpets you will be left with a floor that looks and smells like new. Not only will your carpet look great, but it will be safe for you and your family and have not bacteria or mildew. For clean carpets and a beautiful looking floor, contact Carpet Care 2000 today.