Your Carpets Look Clean But do they Smell Clean? Call Orange County Steam Masters for Carpet Cleaning, Odor Neutralization, Deodorization & Removal in Santa Ana CA

You take a look around your carpets and think they look fine. No major stains and you vacuum them often so they are not too bad. You start to realize that even when your house is clean you notice a smell that is just not too pleasant. Take a whiff around and try to pin point the smell. Can’t find it? Well stop and smell the carpet. It is hard to see old spills and stains that have soaked in. However, they don’t disappear and can often leave the carpet and padding with an unpleasant odor. This can also come from water damage that has left a mildew smell even though it seems to have all dried out. It can also come from your beloved pet like a dog or a cat that has had some accidents that have been over looked or untreated. These types of smells can linger on the carpet and cause the room to smell of that same odor.

There is hope to eliminating stinky odors and Orange County Steam Masters has outlined how carpet deodorization and odor neutralization works.

Find the Source of Carpet Odors: The first step that can be taken by a professional carpet cleaner like Orange County Steam Masters is to determine where the odor is coming from. We can come in and do a visual inspection with the naked eye for areas of concern or with the use a black light to find the hiding spots your pet may be using without your knowledge. We often choose to pre-treat the area that seems to be the biggest problem and will let you know if we believe a general cleaning is enough to pull the odor causing stain from the carpet and in turn remove the odor. We customize treatment to every different situation to best meet the needs of our customers.
Neutralizing & Removing Carpet Odors: If you are quick to clean up a pet accident and you still smell the odor, there could be a good reason. The stain or accident can soak into the padding fairly quickly and even though you are fast to treat it you are cleaning only the surface and masking the smell for a small amount of time. Professional carpet cleaners like Orange County Steam Masters will be able to use a high power, truck mounted machine to steam clean your carpets. We will then suck up all the cleaner, moisture and odor causing spills that have settled into your carpet and deep down in the carpet padding.
Carpet Cleaning & Deodorizing: The great thing is professional carpet cleaners like Orange County Steam Masters can treat any areas of concern and while we are at your premises, we can take care of the rest of your carpets too. This will leave your carpets looking, smelling and feeling fresh.

If you are experiencing odor that seems to be coming from your carpets call Orange County Steam Masters today to schedule an appointment in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California! We offer expert carpet cleaning, deodorization, stain removal & odor neutralization services.