What Causes Carpet Wrinkles, Ripples & Bulging in Beaumont, CA; Humidity, DIY Carpet Cleaning & More

Carpet that buckles or develops ripples can be due to a number of different reasons. When carpet buckles or ripples it means they have become stretched out or loose and often require carpet stretching services. Loose carpet can be repaired. However, one of the important aspects is to know why the carpet became loose in the first place. Orange County Steam Masters will tell you what can cause the carpet to stretch out and how they are repaired.

Humidity Can Cause Carpet Bulging

One of the major contributors to loose and rippling carpets is humidity. Humidity is present throughout the year and in the state of California, ripples are a very common problem. When the moisture penetrates the carpet it can cause the carpet to swell. It will then develop ripples. However, when the carpet dries and flattens out, it may not require any intervention or repairs needed. The carpet can shrink tight once again. Humidity can affect the carpet more so in the summer months as the heat combines with the moisture in the air. This combination will loosen the carpet.

Dragging Heavy Furniture Can Cause Carpet Ripples

Another culprit that can cause carpet to buckle and stretch out is dragging furniture and other heavy items over the carpet. It is too tempting to push and slide furniture around when vacuuming to clean underneath them. However, when dragging or sliding furniture across the carpet, it causes rippling and can even pull the edges of the carpet away from the wall. When the carpet is pulled away from the wall or stretching has occurred, the carpet will need to be repaired. Avoid dragging or sliding furniture of any size across the carpet to prevent rippling or buckling.

Carpet Bubbling Up from Poor Installation

Carpet may buckle and pull away from the carpet if the carpet was poorly installed. When carpets are not installed correctly, one common side effect is that the carpet will come off the tack strips. The tack strips hold the edges of the carpet in place. If the carpet is not held in place securely, they will easily come off and the carpet will become loose. To fix this problem the carpet will need to be reinstalled and secured down properly.

Under Carpet Padding

When installing carpet it is important to use the right padding. The carpet pad can range in thickness. At times the homeowner may request a thinner pad to save money—or just the opposite might happen. They may invest in thicker carpet seeking more comfort. However the tack strips and carpet must meet properly. If the padding effects the installation, then the carpet will easily pull away from the edges of the carpet.

Carpet Ripples After DIY Cleaning with Hot Water

During carpet cleaning should the one cleaning the carpet be inexperienced and use too hot of water because they are steam cleaning the carpet, they can actually cause the carpet to stretch out. Water that is too hot is bad for carpet, especially those that are created with wool blends. When cleaning carpet it is important to never use hot water.

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When carpets develop ripples or have buckles and you need them repaired, seek professional carpet stretching services. Orange County Steam Masters provide carpet stretching and more!