Tips for Cleaning, Caring for & Extending the Life of Your Sofas, Couches & Upholstery in Santa Ana CA

Like carpet, we want our upholstered furniture to be well maintained and their life span extended. They can enhance any room either for the good or for the bad. Having beautifully cared for upholstery is always the way to go, and preserving that upholstery can save you money down the line.

Orange County Steam Masters would like to offer some tips and advice on proper cleaning and care for your upholstered furniture.

1. Surface clean regularly. It is crucial to vacuum your upholstery frequently and sufficiently. Dirt is a slow moving killer, that if left unattended, can gradually deteriorate many kinds of surfaces, including upholstery. It’s a natural abrasive that when left to fester and multiple, along with use, can wear and breakdown fabric. Make sure you utilize all of your attachments for the appropriate areas and thoroughly remove dirt and dust.
2. Keep chair cushions and pads rotating. Any cushions or pads that are able to flipped, do so. This will deter the divots and grooves from becoming permanent fixtures on your sofas and chairs. Doing this will allow the fibers to spread evenly and keep your fabric looking young. If possible, it is also a good practice to rotate furniture that is in direct sunlight. The sunlight can dry out fabrics, and cause the colors to fade. If your living space is doable, try and rotate the upholstered furniture. If your home isn’t big enough to rotate furniture around, invest in good blinds and drapes.
3. If your pets are accustomed to being comfortable, and sit and sleep on your couches, with or without your permission, make sure their hair and dander are removed from the upholstery daily, or as needed. Just like dirt and dust, hair and dander can contribute to your upholstery looking dull and worn out.
4. It is always a good idea to educate yourself on the upholstery in your home, especially if you are getting new pieces. Make sure to read the labels and research your fabric type. Some upholstery can be pretreated with Scotch Guard, for example, to ward away stains. It is also wise to learn what is best on your upholstery to remove stains and spills to keep it clean and fresh. Tend to any accidental spills or messes on your upholstery immediately. Allowing stains to set in can be difficult, if not impossible, to remove later.

Professional Sofa, Chair, Couch, Loveseat & Sectional Upholstery Cleaning in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

Have Orange County Steam Masters professionally clean your upholstery routinely. Not only will having a trained expert keep your upholstery cleaned and sanitized, it could also promote younger looking fabric. When cleaned professionally, the fibers tighten giving your furniture an instant face lift. Call us today!