Removing Common Children’s Carpet Stains; Stained Carpet Solutions for Finger Paint, Play-Doh & Crayon in Santa Ana CA

There is nothing our children can do that will make us love them any less. We absolutely love these little monsters and will do all we can to help them on the road to adulthood. There are however, things they can do that might test our patience a little. Along the way, messes happen, a time out might be called for, but above all the accidents need to be tended to quickly.

The carpet stains caused by our little angels can be endless, but Orange County Steam Masters would like to offer tips to help you remove them

Finger Paint Carpet Stain Removal

– Tend to the stain as quickly as possible. Attacking a fresh stain is easier dealt with as opposed to a stain that has set in. With paper towels, gently blot up all pooled up liquid. If there is a fair amount of paint, gently spoon up the surface layers before blotting.
– If paint is dry, gently scrape up the build up without compromising the fibers integrity and vacuum the remaining remnants.
– In a spray bottle or bucket, combine 1/2 tsp. of dishwashing soap or fine fabric detergent in 1 cup of warm water. Do not use hot water.
– During mixture application, patience is needed, as you do not want to over wet the offending stain. Apply the solution to a clean, dry cloth and blot and pat up the stain. Rubbing will spread the paint out wider and deeper. Spray the stain and blot and repeat until stain has been lifted.
– Cover the original stained area with a dry, clean cloth or towel and press down frequently to absorb remaining stain and detergents.
– Once satisfied with the result, rinse well with clear, cool water. Apply a terry cloth or towel and blot well until all access moisture has been removed.
– If the stained area turns into a brownish spot after drying, mix 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water in spray bottle, apply and blot.

Play-Doh Removal from Carpet

– Vacuum as much of the play dough as possible.
– If the play-doh has dried out and vacuuming isn’t doing the trick, dampen a clean cloth with hot water, and place over the play dough for approximately 1 hour, allowing the play-doh to loosen.
– Using a firm bristled brush, brush the play dough particles loose. Use caution and care to avoid damaging the carpet in the process.
– Using existing play dough, blot up the more stubborn play dough remnants. Play-doh generally sticks to itself. You can do this until it has been lifted away.
– Vacuum one final time to ensure all the play dough has been removed.

Crayon Carpet Stain Removal

– Remove all crayon debris.
– With a butter knife, gently scrape up the surface layer.
– Blot with a paper towel any remaining residue.
– With the aid of a cotton ball or white, clean cloth, dampen with rubbing alcohol.
– Mix a quart of water with 1/2 tsp. dish soap, and implement the solution onto the stained area.
– Blot the stain, and repeat until repeat until stain has vanished.
– If stain persists, apply 3% hydrogen peroxide and allow to sit for approximately 2 hours. (Administer a patch test in an inconspicuous location, as hydrogen peroxide has the capability of lightening fabrics.)
– Blot dry.

Professional Carpet Stain Removal & Cleaning in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

If you choose to use commercial products, always follow labels instructions, and conduct a patch test to ensure it is safe on your carpet.
Orange County Steam Masters has the trained professionals to treat any carpet stains with state of the art equipment and proper cleaning detergents. Stains can be absolved; call Orange County Steam Masters today!