Pet Stain Cleaning & Odor Removal; House Training Your Dog to Avoid Accidents on Carpet in La Palma, CA

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and loved the smell that hit your nose when you walked in? Trying to guess what the smell is can be a fun little game. Unfortunately sometimes you walk into a home and notice a terrible smell. One frequent culprit of unpleasant aromas in homes is pet urine and odors. Here at Steam Masters we help our customers get rid of pet urine and odors on a regular basis. We also go into homes where pets reside and have no idea they have pets right when we walk in. If you are a pet owner and would love for people to not be overwhelmed with the smell of your pets when they walk in the door, then house training your pets is the most important thing you can do. Today we are going to give you some tips on how to house train your dog so that your home will smell better.

Puppy Potty Training Schedule

When you start house training your dog it is important to begin right away. As soon as you bring the dog into your home you will want to start the potty-training process. Many people have a hard time feeling motivated to potty train right away because they want to take a few days to simply enjoy loving on their adorable new family member. Do not make this mistake! Starting right away is one of the keys to your success.

How Long Does it Take to Potty Train a Puppy or Older Dog?

As you begin the house-training process it is important to remember that love, patience, and consistency are going to be a necessary part of the process. It can be frustrating to fully house train your dog and many people lose sight of the need to show their dog love, remind themselves to be patient, and remember that it will not work if you are not consistent. On average it takes 4-6 months for a puppy to become house trained. If you are house training an older dog the process varies in length. This is impacted by their past experiences.

How Long Can a Puppy Hold It?

You will want to make sure that you keep your dog on a regular feeding schedule during the potty-training process. In between meals you will want to take the food away completely. This will help make the process go smoother because your dog will not be eating and drinking all day long. Eating and drinking all day increases the amount of times that they will need to potty.
First thing in the morning you will want to take your dog outside to go potty. Throughout the rest of the day you will want to take them outside every thirty to sixty minutes. If they take a nap you will want to take them as soon as they wake up. You will also want to take them after they eat. It can be exhausting to take them potty this many times but it will be worth it in the end! When you take them outside to potty be patient. Give them plenty of time to go potty. After they go potty you will want to praise them and give them a treat. Eventually you will wean them off of the treats as they get more consistent with going potty outside.

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If you follow these steps your dog will eventually learn where the appropriate place to go to the bathroom is. This will leave your carpets smelling nice and clean. During the process your dog will inevitably have some accidents in the house. We recommend having Steam Masters come out and clean your carpets after your dog is potty trained to get rid of any smell that may be there from the house-training process. Give us a call today!