How to Remove Fresh & Old Chewing Gum & Hard, Sticky Candy From Carpets, Rugs & Upholstery in Anaheim CA

Halloween is upon us. Our little ones get to experience the best sugar rush of the year. The excitement of costumes, parties and scary haunted houses can make accidents happen; even among the adults. So what do you when you notice an offending gum clump adhering to your beautiful carpet, or that hard candy smashed into the fibers of your sofa? First, relax, breathe in and out and recite a few cleansing chants to clear your mind. Once that has been complete, and you are positive that the kids or whoever the assailant is, will not be torn to shreds with a temper tantrum, you are ready to clean it.

Orange County Steam Masters will offer some advice to help you remove any sugary debris and offending stains from your carpet and upholstery

Removing Chewing Gum Stains from Carpet & Couches

There are a few varying ways to remove gum but ice, oil, and detergent solvents are the most popular. Today we will just tell you how to use the ice method, as this one is the cleanest method and works most of the time.
1. You need to freeze the gum. Adding ice in a sealable bag and lying it on the clump until the gum becomes hard is one way to approach it. Shooting the gum with a can of condensed air, usually designed for cleaning computers, is another. Or, if you have access to dry ice, setting the gum with that is a quick method to freezing it. If the gum has been set into the carpet a while, and has been continuously smashed in to the fibers, seeking an alternative method is probably best. Before moving on to step 2, ensure the gum is frozen and not merely cold.
2. Once frozen, use either a metal spatula or butter knife to then lift the gum from the carpet. If using a butter knife, take caution as to not cut into the carpet fibers. The gum will most likely break upon removal, simply work at all the fragment until removed. For the more stubborn section, apply more ice to ensure it is frozen for removal.
3. All that might be remaining is a bit of a residue stain. For cleaning the stain out, mix a nearly full water bottle, with a few drops of dish soap detergent, and a splash of white vinegar. Generously spray down a clean cloth and gently rub out the remaining mess. Blot dry with a clean towel, and avoid walking traffic until the spot is fully dry.

Removing Hard Candy Stains from Carpet & Sofas

1. Apply cold water onto the candy, allowing it to really soak in. This step requires time and patience, but the cold water will dissolve the sugars fused into the carpet fibers. Once the candy has been rendered from the carpet, pulling off the chunks should be relatively simple. For additional assistance, try using a spoon to lift the candy up.
2. Use your favorite carpet stain remover on the stain left behind. If you are using a new carpet stain remover, always conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the color or fibers will be uncompromised upon use.
3. Use a clean cloth to then absorb the cleaner along with stain. Be sure to frequently use other sections of the cloth to avoid re-applying the stain.
4. On more stubborn stains, apply concentrated white vinegar on a cloth, and pat up the stain.
5. Once the stain has been lifted, apply clear, cool water on the spot with a spray bottle, or a pre-moistened cloth to rinse the carpet.
6. Remove any excess moisture with a dry, clean cloth, and then allow spot to air dry, avoiding any walking traffic.

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