How to Remove Dents & Deep Impressions in Carpets in Coto de Caza, CA? Steam Cleaning, Ice or Heat

Does your carpet have indents? Carpet indents don’t usually bother homeowners unless they rent out their home, want to sell the home, or are rearranging their furniture layout. If you find yourself in a scenario where you need to get rid of carpet indents fast, there are a few ways you can do that. Steam Masters will share how to remove and prevent indents on your carpets to improve your carpet’s aesthetics.

Rearrange Furniture Often to Keep from Getting Indentations in Carpets

Some homeowners simply hate it when the carpet develops indents. Some indents may never go away if they are not properly prevented. For those who have their reasons as to why they do not want indents in their carpet there are two ways you can prevent indents from developing. One way to prevent deep and permanent indents in carpet is by moving the furniture often. Every three months or so, consider rearranging the furniture layout or shift the furniture over a few inches. This simple practice can help prevent deep and permanent indents in the carpets. The more you spread out the furniture’s weight on the carpet the less indents you will have.

Put Sliders Under Furniture Legs to Protect Carpet

Another way to help prevent indents is by making the furniture’s feet or contact areas bigger. You can use larger size furniture pads or you can cut out pieces of flat wood to help spread out the weight of the furniture. The wider or bigger the contact area the more shallow the indents will be. When the indents are shallow, the carpet can recover faster when the furniture is moved and the carpet exposed.

How Do You Get Deep Imprints Out of Carpet Fast?

For those who need to rent out or sell a home, indents in the carpet can be a major nuisance. When you want the home to look great for a potential renter or buyer, you may not have the luxury to wait for the pile to recover if it recovers at all. Some indents may have sat too long and the carpet’s pile may not recover on its own. If you want to get rid of indents fast, there are two methods you can try. The first method uses ice. Once the furniture has been removed, place ice cube on the indents. Let the ice melt into the carpet, then using a white dry cloth, press on the damp area. After you have absorbed most of the water out of the carpet, use a spoon and gently rake against the pile. You will want to try to lift the pile back up. Then vacuum the carpet to completely restore the carpet’s fluff.

Do Ice Cubes or Heat Remove Indents from Carpet

If ice doesn’t work then you can try using heat. Do not use too much heat on carpet, especially synthetic carpets as they will melt or burn. When restoring the carpet, get a towel and dampen it or wet down the indents directly. Do not oversoak the carpet if you decide to wet the carpet indents directly. Either with a damp towel use an iron on low heat and slowly go over the indents. You can also use a blow dryer and dry the carpet. At the same time, using your hand, rub over the indents back and forth. The heat should help loosen the fiber of the carpet. If the pile did not repair completely, go back and repeat the ice method again.

Carpet Cleaning & More in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim & Huntington Beach California

Another way to help remove indents and have the carpet deep cleaned at the same time, seek out a professional carpet cleaning service. During carpet steam cleaning, the indented carpet fibers are loosened and restored as it dries. For carpet cleaning and more, contact Steam Masters today.