How to Clean & Get Foundation Makeup Stains Out of Your Carpet Fast in Corona, CA

There are lots of stains and dirt that you will have to learn how to get out of your carpet. The carpet is known to collect dirt and dust and if you spill anything it can start to soak in. Carpet is a great option for many homes for a lot of reasons. People want carpet to give them the comfort that they look to enjoy when walking around the house. The carpet also has a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to color, texture, patterns and more. Lastly carpet is something that you can take care of on your own and with some professional help. When the run the vacuum you are getting the dirt and dust that likes to settle in the floor. You also need to know how to get stains out of your carpet and one that seems to be coming up more and more is makeup. With all the makeup tutorials that are out there it seems to be getting dropped and dripped on the carpet. Your foundation is a type of makeup that you usually start with and you should know how to clean it off the carpets. Orange County Steam Masters outlines how to clean foundation spills on your carpet.

Remove Excess Spill from Carpet

The first thing that you want to do with just about any stain or spill that will occur on your carpets is to work fast. You want to make sure that you do not allow the foundation to soak down into the carpet fibers and that is only done by treating the problem right away. The first step that you want to take is to do what you can to remove the excess. The foundation often comes out in a thick liquid and that means you can remove some of the excess with ease. You want to make sure that you are using a spoon that can scoop what you can. You can also use a cotton cloth or a paper towel. You need to use the cloth in a pressing manner or a dabbing manner to ensure that you are not spreading the mess out any further.

Dilute Foundation Make Up Stain on Carpet

Now that you have as much of the excess off the carpet as you can it is time to dilute the makeup. The foundation is thick and it is a good idea to loosen it up before you start to clean the spot. You can do this by using clean, cold water that is on a clean cloth. Dab at the spot to loosen the makeup so that you can take the final step in clean the discoloration.

Use a Mild Cleaning Solution to Treat Carpet Stain

You want to mix up your cleaning solution in advance so that you are ready to work. Take a cup of cold water and add about one table spoon of dish detergent and stir. Then you can use a cloth to work the discoloration that is left behind. You want to replace the cloth that you are using as it starts to get soiled.

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