How Often Should You Get Your Mattress Cleaned in Brea, CA & What are Benefits of Steam Cleaning?

The mattress you sleep on is a staple in your life. It is vital that you find the right mattress that gives your body the support you need while you’re sleeping. Along with a mattress that provides support, you need a mattress that is clean to take full advantage of your sleeping hours every night. There are many benefits that come from cleaning your mattress. Steam Masters is here to talk about why you should be cleaning your mattress and how often it should get done.

Why Cleaning Your Mattress is Important

You may consider washing your bedding sufficient when it comes to keeping the space where you sleep clean. It is important that you know that even when you have a mattress pad on your bed and clean your sheet regularly, your mattress isn’t truly getting “cleaned.” The materials that are used to build your mattress may be supportive, but they aren’t exactly stain resistant. There are body oils, sweat, dead skin and dust mites that can contaminate your mattress. This is why it is imperative that you clean it on a regular cleaning schedule.

Benefits of a Professionally Cleaned Mattress

There are many benefits that come from deep cleaning your mattress. When you leave the contaminates mentioned above in your mattress, you are robbing yourself of a truly good night’s sleep. Here are the main benefits you will enjoy when you clean your mattress.
– Get Rid of Allergens: Many people are bothered by the dust mites and other allergens that can settle into your mattress. By removing them, you are eliminating this problem and can see an improvement in any allergy symptoms you may be experiencing. Those with asthma and other respiratory illnesses can see a dramatic improvement.
– Improved Air Quality: When you lay on a dirty mattress, the dust and dust mites that live on it will be released into the air. This can have an impact on the indoor air quality and affect your quality of sleep. Removing dust mites doesn’t only affect the indoor air quality, but it also helps keep dust mites from repopulating.
– Extended Mattress Life: If you want to get the most out of your mattress, it is important that you clean it. The materials that make up your mattress can start to break down when you don’t care for it properly.

How Often Should You Get Your Mattress Cleaned

It is recommended that you flip your mattress every six months to avoid getting any permanent body impressions in it. This is the best time to clean it as well. Creating a rotation and cleaning schedule will help you keep track of how often you care for and maintain your mattress.

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