How Do You Deep Clean Hardwood Floors & Make Them Shine Again in Garden Grove, CA?

Hardwood floors are not hard to maintain. They are a durable floor that with proper cleaning, can last forever. Hardwood floors not only are easily cleaned, but when they need it they can be deep cleaned and polished, which brings them to a brilliant shine. For those with hardwood floors, Steam Masters will share how to properly clean your hardwood floor and when to seek professional deep cleanings.

What is the Best Method of Cleaning Hardwood Floors?

Improper cleaning can damage and ruin your hardwood floors. However, proper cleaning for a hardwood floor is not hard, but you will want the right tools. The first step when cleaning hardwood floors is to clean the surface of the floor. Most people will use a broom to clean the surface. You must be careful what broom you use. You should only use a soft bristled broom. However, it is recommended to vacuum the hardwood floor instead. Vacuuming removes all of the dirt which is essential when cleaning wood floors. After the surface of the floors are clean, it is time to mop the floors. When cleaning a hardwood floor you can use a commercial cleaning product meant for hardwood floors. You can also use hot water with a few drops of dish soap to clean the surface. However, when using soap on wood you will want to rinse the surface, so after cleaning the floors, you will mop the floor again but using plain water. Use a soft mop head when cleaning your hardwood floor and never over saturate the mop. You will want to use a very damp mop which means you squeeze as much water out as possible. Too much water will ruin the wood, so never over soak your mop. That is how simple cleaning hardwood floors can be. However, there comes a time that the hardwood floor may need a deeper cleaning, polishing and resealing.

Professionally Cleaned Hardwood Floors

When you have hardwood floors that have tough grime built up on its surface, or the floors are covered in tiny scratches, you need professional cleaning services. A professional hardwood cleaning service uses a hardwood floor cleaning machine that removes the grime and polishes the floors at the same time. The floors are not just cleaned as many professional services will even apply a protective finish which helps prevent dirt, moisture and some surface scratches from occurring. With proper cleaning you may only need a professional deep cleaning about every one to three years, depending on the household. For those with large families, little children or pets, you may need professional cleaning once a year. However, for those who do not have a busy household, you may not require to have your hardwood floor deep cleaned as often. When you clean your hardwood floors and they still look dirty and grimy, that is the sign it is time to have your floor deep cleaned.

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