How Do You Clean Your House Before Christmas in La Habra, CA? Carpet, Area Rug & Sofa Cleaning & More

We are here! The holiday season is upon us and now we are busier than ever. During the holiday season we tend to get a lot more guests and even have family coming for long visits. The main question is, ”are you ready?” Many people will work hard to clean their home in preparation for the holiday and their guests that the season brings. As there is a lot for you to work on and clean, there are areas where you can seek out professional help. Steam Masters would like to share the many ways we can help prepare your home for this holiday season.

Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning

One of the best ways to ensure your home is clean and ready for guests is to have the carpet and area rugs deep cleaned. When hiring a professional carpet or area rug cleaning service, all stains and odors are removed. The carpets will look beautiful and clean. The home will have a fresh scent throughout every room and hall. Scheduling a carpet or area rug cleaning before the holidays is the perfect time not only to ensure your carpet and rugs are clean for guests, but it help to extend the life of your carpets.

Get Upholstery & Mattresses Professionally Cleaned

When you know you will be having guests come to your home, it never hurts to have your upholstery cleaned. Upholstery can get very dirty over the past year and having them clean will ensure they look great and provide extra comfort for your guests. If you have guests staying in you home for a few nights, it may also be a good idea to have your mattresses cleaned. After cleaning the mattresses you and your guests will have a better night’s sleep and have a freshly clean scent.

Clean Tile & Natural Stone

Have you been scrubbing and scrubbing at your tile and grout lines and yet they are still dirty? Tile and grout is not the easiest thing to clean, not to mention you are super busy preparing your home. Therefore, you do not need to spend any more time on your tile, grout or even on your natural stone. A professional cleaning service can help cut through the grime stuck onto your tile and grout and clean and polish your natural stone in your home making sure they are cleaned and beautiful before you expect any guests.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

If you need your hardwood floors cleaned, you do not need to worry about scrubbing your hardwood floors. A professional service can clean, buff and polish your hardwood floors and make them shine.

Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

If you or your guests suffer from allergies, or you want to remove odors and improve your indoor air quality, make sure to have your air ducts cleaned now. When cleaning the air ducts you remove any potential allergens and dust inside the air ducts. Less dust in the air ducts also means your home will stay cleaner longer. Cleaning the air ducts will remove odors in the home and promote cleaner air. It also helps to have your dyer vents cleaned as well. Dryer vents, when they get plugged up, can lead to a fire and reduce your dryer efficiency. If you will be having guests doing laundry while they stay with you, have your dryer vent cleaned as well.

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Need help preparing for the holidays? These are but a few of the ways we can help clean your flooring, upholstery and air ducts before this holiday season. To schedule our services, contact Steam Masters today.