Drying, Cleaning & Deodorizing Water Damaged Carpet After a Flood in Laguna Beach, CA

When it comes to your house you want to make sure you have tips and information on how to keep the house looking its best. The carpet is a big part of the house and has to be kept clean. The carpets take on a lot of dirt from walking and everyday use. You can also end up with spills and stains that have to be cleaned as well. When it comes to disasters that your carpet may end up involved in, water damage is one of them. When you are dealing with water damage of any kind you want to make sure you know how to handle it. Some people think that if their carpets are damaged from water they cannot be saved. Water damage is not something that you want to take lightly but luckily the carpets can be treated and saved from water damage. Your carpets may be exposed to water from a storm that has brought too much rain, a leak in a water line or an appliance that might have malfunctioned. It is a good idea to know the process of how to care for your carpets after water damage. Orange County Steam Masters outlines what needs to happen when your carpet has been damaged by water.

Water Extraction

The first step that needs to take place when you are stuck with water damage on your carpets is to have the water extracted. The problem is that you are not able to do any work on the carpets unless the water that is in excess has been pulled out of the carpet. The excess water can be major or minor depending on the type of flooding that you had. The flooding has to be under control before you are able to do anything and sometimes this creates a problem. It may lead to having to wait to start step one. The water once it has stopped means that there is often still water in the house. The extraction process is done with tools and equipment that a professional has that needs to be done properly.

How to Dry Wet Carpet

Just because you have had the water extracted from the carpet does not mean that they are dry. The next step that takes place is that they have to be dried out. The best way to do that is find someway to ventilate the room. The ventilation will allow air to flow through the house while large fans are set up. The fans need to be placed around each area and set to blow the air through the space. The faster you can get the carpets dried out the better it will be. The longer the moisture is allowed to sit the more commonly you will find mold and mildew.

Carpet Deodorizer

The last thing that you want to do is to make sure that your carpets are cleaned properly and deodorized. After water damage the floors will have a moldy and musty odor. The smell will continue to linger around the house for a long time if it is overlooked. You want to make sure that the carpets are cleaned by a professional.

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