Cold ULV & Thermal Fogging to Kill Bacteria, Virus, Mold, Odor & More in Your Rossmoor, CA Commercial Business

With coronavirus being talked about everywhere due to the seriousness of this epidemic, there is no lack of people hearing about it. Generally, the prime focus is on people supplying their homes and businesses with the essentials to last a month or two. There are some businesses open to accommodate the communities though many facilities have had to shut down. Many business owners are looking to do what they can to of COVID-19 within their facilities. With this in mind, we at Orange County Steam Masters would like to elaborate on the subject.

How is COVID-19 Coronavirus Spread?

Being that media’s goal is to get ratings and headlines, quite a few people are untrusting of their reporting. When it comes to COVID-19, however, people should be more willing to pay closer attention. COVID-19 is spread primarily from person-to-person according to the CDC. In addition to its being transmitted via infected surfaces, being within about 6 feet the droplets produced when an infected person sneezes or coughs can spread COVID-19.

How to Prevent Contracting COVID-19?

Decreasing person-to-person contact, reminding people to stay home if they are feeling sick to avoid infecting others, and washing hands efficiently are a few of the standard basics to reduce transmission. With proper surface cleaning and sanitation techniques performed by your commercial cleaning company or janitorial service plays a significant role in transmission prevention. Enhancing your cleaning and disinfection protocols are equally important with the most effective method for preventing virus transmission is to educate occupants on proper physical interactions and good hygiene. Though while people are working earnestly to find cures and vaccines, there still much the experts do not know about COVID. With continuous research it is encouraged and recommended that stay current with the facts and information by visiting the CDC website.

Fogging Disinfectants to Kill Coronavirus

Despite the risk of virus transmission via contaminated surfaces is believed to be secondary, it is important for your cleaning professional to have a plan for surface sanitization and reduced transmission. Professionals use compliant disinfectant certified by the EPA that indicates it is effective. Executing throughout the entire facility touchpoint cleaning, which includes elevator buttons, doorknobs, handrails, and other high-risk surfaces. Employees should by doing their part to disinfect hard surface throughout the day and practice general virus transmission prevention encouraged by the CDC in addition to professional efforts. Orange County Steam Masters offers both cold ULV and thermal fogging to kill bacteria, mold, odor and viruses such as coronavirus.

Tips for Preventing Coronavirus in Your Business

Educating your staff on proper hygiene and person-to-person interaction protocol is important, since as mentioned, coronavirus is primarily passed from person-to-person. These steps are:
1) Any employees should to stay home if they are feeling symptoms.
2) By using the bent elbow technique or using a tissue, which immediately and properly disposed of, reeducate on proper covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing.
3) Stay away from person-to-person contact like high-fives, hand shaking, and maintain at least 3 feet of space.
4) To remind and encourage hands are washed often, display signs.
Additional applications to implement: For personal workspaces that they can wipe down keyboards, phones, and other common surfaces, provide disposable disinfectant wipes. To decrease bacteria on the skin, offer FDA approved commercial hand sanitizer.

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Not only for preventing the spread of COVID-19, but to maintain a clean environment, Orange County Steam Masters understands that the few businesses that remain open and those that are eager to reopen want to have a clean and sanitized environment. We are happy to assist in keeping your business clean and sanitized. Contact us today!