How Gross is Dirty Carpet in Claremont, CA? Effect of Unsanitary Germ Filled Carpets on Health

There is a worldwide pandemic going on around the COVID-19 coronavirus. This is a new virus that has taken hold in China and has now spread to other nations as well. The United States has seen it spread throughout with each state showing positive signs. The best way to curve the spread of this virus has been to enact social distancing. This is a great way to keep everyone aware of how close they are to other people. The virus can spread from person to person and even in the air and surfaces around you. There are many areas that are taking social distancing to a higher level and closing businesses and also postponing any events where more than 10 people would be. This means that you will be in your home and many people will not be working. During this time it is a good idea to know what you can do to keep your family safe from germs. One are of the home that can contain and carry germs that will make you sick are your carpets. You probably take time to wipe down hard surfaces but you want to also take care of the soft surfaces as well. Orange County Steam Masters outlines what germs can be hiding on your carpets.

How Long Does Corovavirus Last on Carpets & Other Surfaces?

The most talked about germ that is out there today is the coronavirus. It is a new novelty virus that there is not much known yet about and has to be studied to be sure it is treated properly. The problem is that they are finding that the virus can in fact live on many surfaces and live in the air from hours to days. They also are finding that someone could be carrying the virus and not seeing any symptoms at all. This means that they come in your home and spread the germs that you and your family can now come in contact with. One of the things that you can do is to make sure that you keep these surfaces cleaned. This does include having your carpets cleaned as well. If you are at risk or you have done a 14 day quarantine you may want to have your carpets cleaned to remove any germs that may remain.

Flu Germs on Carpet Flooring

The other problem that exists is that this new virus is running at the same time as the flu. The flu season is still out and that means that if you avoid one illness you could still end up with another. The flu has been known to kill many people each year and that is why you want to be cautious about it when you have someone in your home with the flu. You should know that the germs that cause the flu can live on your carpets for days and that is why you need to have your carpets cleaned.

Allergens in Carpet

Now if you have avoided the flu and coronavirus so far, you may not have avoided allergy season. This is the time for allergies to be on high alert. Your carpets can be holding lots of allergens from hair to dander to dust that can be a trigger. Carpet cleaning can remove these allergens and improve your homes air quality.

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